The Movie Called “The Lorax”

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Updated: May 09, 2021
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 The Movie Called “The Lorax” essay

 The movie called “The Lorax” had a great significance not only on me but I fell like on most of my class members, the movie connects to a lot of things happening in this world right now, for example, the climax change, the environment, weather, carrying capacity, the bush fires not only in Australia but in New Zealand and New Caledonia. I don’t only think that the change in the environment has a great significance but the word used at the end of the movie “unless”. I do want to include that the Lorax is a perfect example of people who don’t take other people’s needs and wants for granted. The world of the Lorax is very similar to the real world. Like our world, people in the Lorax were needy, selfish, and expectant of others.

I first want to start talking about how the movie the Lorax connects to our environment now, for example, facing major environmental problems like pollution, global warming, littering, deforestation, and loss of animal habitats. The major motivation to the Lorax leaving was the cutting of all the trees. I feel like If we do not collectively take responsibility for the stewardship of the environment, then our own world will soon be like the one that the Lorax left behind. I feel like in both the movie and the real world we should take care of our environment because it can cause a lot of changes, for example, change in the climax (weather), deforestation and loss of animal habitat.

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I do also want to talk about the way their world compared to the real one is that some people were selfish. Not everyone, but some people in the world are very selfish. All they think about is how to benefit themselves, doing what they do not realize that they could be making other things (species) suffer. The movie portrays this when the once- ler are overproducing the thneeds and clearing all the truffula trees. The Once-ler did not think about all the homes he was taking away from the animals. This is a big problem in today’s world as well. Environmental harm is growing because of human wants and they are not thinking about the needs of others, a lot of people in this world are selfish.

Now I will like to talk about the significance the word “UNLESS” (“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”) in my opinion unless is when you care enough to seek out the passage that can make your dreams come true, you will forever be stuck thinking and complaining about what could be – rather than completing your dream and experiencing it.

In conclusion, the world of the Lorax portrayed many characteristics of the real world. Even though the real world does not always break out in song and dance, it teaches some of the same important lessons; lessons that are going to matter in the future. If everyone learned their lesson the world would be a better place; however, we are all human and tend to make the same mistakes. The important thing is to take the three points of concern or lessons and try to make them better. Then the Lorax’s world and the real world would be better places altogether. 

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