Similarities and Difference the Crucible Play and Movie

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Updated: Nov 20, 2019
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Over many years many movies have been based upon famous plays or even books. Sometimes these movies succeed in exaggeration of the plays images and thoughts for the play or book. The play by Arthur Miller, The Crucible and the movie have many similarities and differences. These all help change the plot, characters, and mood for the play which have been set into the movie.

For starters, usually a movie is far different from the play or book it originally came from. The movie helped the viewer actually sees the story come to life. The scene of Tituba and the children dancing in the woods never really happened in the play. They had talked how about how it happened but like the play we never got the full dramatic effect in the story like we received in the movie. This set the mood for the movie and story. The director used a lot of foreshadowing in both the play and the movie. This changed up the mood for the audience. In the play, many scenes were indoors while in the movie some were filmed outside.

Proctor stated that he had only three kids in the play but the movie they said that he had two younger boys. John Proctor was to be executed because he admitted to adultery with Abigail Williams. This was only in the movie, in the play they only talk about his punishment which was to be hung. The Crucible ended with Elizabeth Proctor words, He has his goodness now
When you compare and contrast The Crucible the movie has more of a way to deliver its message than the play does. You can visual see what the Salem Witch Trials were really like for everyone. The movie helped define the roles of the evil and the good of the world back then by showing the whipping of Tituba that wasn’t shared in the book. Although there were quite a few differences between the two, you can get the point through either one as they both succeeded in keeping the reader entertained and on their toes.

Similarities and Difference the Crucible Play and Movie essay

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