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The Crucible is mainly about witchcraft. Witchcraft is the practice of magic, especially black magic. With this magic you can use spells and the innovation of spirits. People have gone insane believing that witchcraft is happening in their town. People start accusing others for witchcraft and once that is said, your life’s on the line. Victims have to go through court and then later on the guilty people are in the process of being hung. Their is a movie based on this event and a there is also a play. There was a lot of differences between the two of them.

In the play, it all started by girls playing in the woods, dancing and singing, and sitting around a fire that was made. One of the girls ended up running around naked, her name was Mercy. The dad of one of the girls happened to see all of this take place. He couldn’t see who started it all he saw was the girls run. The girls after that evening started losing their minds. Tituba the slave was threatened to be whipped because the other girls had said Tituba was the one who set the spells on them. The girls started hallucinating, one girl named Betty wouldn’t even wake up, and the girls saw spirits trying to hurt them. Abigail was one of the girls who went crazy because of the spirits she thought she saw. People started to get accuse of being a witch and those people had to go to court. If they didn’t confess in court they must be hung by their necks. In the movie their were different events that happened that didn’t happen in the play.

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In the movie, Abigail was the one who was naked in the woods, and Mercy wasn’t even in the movie. Abigail smashed a chicken against the fire and then whipped of the blood from the chicken all over her. The girls are way more dramatic in the movie than in the play. They tried to make it seem like they were all being attacked at the same time by the devil in there spirits. Tituba wasn’t in the movie as often as she was in the play but she was whipped in the movie. Abigail is not crazy because of witchcraft, it’s because of this man named John. John is married to this woman named Elizabeth and they have children. Abigail was there house maid. Elizabeth was sick and never gave John what he wanted so John cheated on her with Abigail. Elizabeth kicked her out of there home because she thought John was drifting away from her. Abigail was crazy in love with John. Abigail and john kissed in the movie by a building. Elizabeth was accused of witchcraft from Abigail, John confessed that his wife was a good woman and has never lied to anyone. So he confessed that he has cheated on Elizabeth with Abigail. They both were on trial. John was locked up in a cell and Abigail went to go see John. She stole money from Paris, and was hoping to get John to run away with her.

In conclusion, witchcraft makes people hallucinate, the whole town will go crazy, people start getting accused and being hung. Abigail is a different character in the play and in the movie. The girls are just following one another in both the play and the movie. John tried to keep his good name in the town of Salem but he confessed his secret to keep his good wife alive. Tituba was whipped for being accused of cursing the girls and making them believe in bad spirits. The girls wouldn’t ever confess what they did in the woods so everyone took the blame for their actions.

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