The Influence of the Ancient Egyptians

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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According to the ancient Egyptians were the superior civilization for quite a long time, which made ancient Egypt the most influential pre-industrial civilization. They had an influence on many concepts, from architecture, which is the profession of designing buildings, to agriculture, which is the production of crops, or livestock. They also had a guiding hand on warfare, which is armed conflict between two massed enemies, armies or the like. The ancient Egyptians used building techniques that were significant on architecture years after their civilization had been defeated.

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The ways the ancient Egyptians farmed is still very prominent to agricultural techniques used all over the world. Their warfare tactics were persuasive for many towns and cities and the techniques of architecture, agriculture and warfare were and still are very influential.

The architecture that the ancient Egyptians used would serve as examples for architectural design for many years into the future. Their great works of architecture showed a monumental stone working. The Egyptians were the first people to build an all-stone building, the Great Pyramid of Giza, of that scale. According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, “the knowledge and skill required to construct them was gathered over many centuries prior to their construction” (Ancient Egyptian Architecture). This quote states that the Egyptians took many years to learn all the techniques that they used shows that they invented them, meaning that it was their techniques that were and are being used to build many structures. The Encyclop?¦dia Britannica states that, “Architectural details of columns, cornices, and moldings provided many models for later development ( This quote states that some specific building techniques would be very useful for other civilizations and countries in the future. Also they built irrigation systems which would not only be influential for architecture, but also agriculture.

According to, “to have enough water they built dykes, dams, ponds, irrigation canals, and drainage ditches” ( This statement shows that they used and needed these systems to help get water to their crops, and these systems of irrigation and water flow are still used for farming today. In the beginning they were originally hunters but then they took up the skill of farming. says, “Neolithic communities in northeastern Africa exchanged hunting for agriculture” ( This quote shows that they made changes to their lifestyle, which in turn changed the lifestyle of other civilizations which got inspiration from the Egyptians. According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, “Agriculture was the foundation of the ancient Egyptian economy and vital to the lives of the people of the land” (Ancient Egyptian Agriculture). This shows how important agriculture was to the ancient Egyptians, which put into perspective how accurate and sophisticated their techniques must have been. With the irrigation systems they were able to produce crops easier and they were much more plentiful. With all the food they had they easily fed the Egyptian armies.

The warfare tactics the Egyptians used were also an influential concept. The Ancient History Encyclopedia states, “There is no doubt that a military force under a strong leader was necessary to hold the country together (Ancient Egyptian Warfare), indicating that there was a point in time when ancient Egypt did not have strong military leadership, because of this there was a time period where ancient Egypt had technically been overthrown. After the Egyptians had been overthrown, in a since, and the Egyptians were, according to the book, Ancient Egyptians, “determined never to let foreigners control Egypt, the kings of the Eighteenth Dynasty- first rulers of the New Kingdom- turned their attention eastward” (the ancient Egyptians). The Egyptian leadership started to focus more on protecting Egypt therefore they started to focus more on the armies and warfare.

One thing that was very influential at that time was the composite bows and chariots. Composite bows were important and significant because according to the book, Ancient Egypt, it was a bow that “could fire an arrow up to six or seven yards” (Ancient Egypt). This made it helpful because you could hit an enemy without them even being in range to get an arrow close to you. Then in book, Ancient Egypt, it explains how chariots had become an important necessity for Egyptian warfare. Another style of warfare, the Egyptians used, that was influential was the Trojan horse method. The book, Ancient Egypt, states that the Egyptians used the Trojan horse method on occasion, to defeat other armies, or other cities in ancient Egypt.

These are some minor ways that made ancient Egypt the most impactful pre-industrial civilization. One way they were influential was because the ancient Egyptians architecture inspired the design for many buildings, and other structures in the future. Also the agricultural methods that the ancient Egyptians invented are still used in the present day, by many farmers and ranchers. Last is that the ancient Egyptians used warfare dispositions that were very instrumental to other civilization during the dynastic time period. These are some ways that made ancient Egypt the most authoritative and impactful pre-industrial civilization.

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