Ancient Egyptian Music and Dance

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Did you ever wonder why ancient Egyptians performed (played music or danced)? Well, ancient Egyptians loved to perform. They used many different types of music and dance. Music and dance were very important to the ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptians performed mostly to entertain. The ancient Egyptians performed because they used it as communication with the gods. One way they communicated with the gods was, the human response to the gift of life. One of the gods they worshiped was, a goddess named Meret.

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Meret was the writer, musician, singer, and conductor of a symphony, that inspired ancient Egyptian culture. She also inspired dance. (after music, dance came naturally) They performed at funeral banquets, religious processions, military parades, and sometimes at work in the fields.

Ancient Egyptians loved music. They included scenes of musical performances in tomb paintings, and on temple walls. The ancient Egyptians played music in solo or groups. Instruments that they played included groups of string, percussion, and woodwind instruments. In the string group, they played instruments like harps, lyres, and lutes. They played instruments like drums, rattles, tambourines, cymbals, and bells, in the percussion group. The instruments in the woodwind group were, flutes, clarinets, double pipes, trumpets, and oboes. The ancient Egyptians used many different strategies to play all of these instruments.

As well as music, ancient Egyptians loved dance equally. Men and women usually didn’t dance together. Dancing was also part of their religion. Servants, or sometimes professional dancers would be chosen to perform. They performed in groups or pairs. Some dancers performed elegant steps, or even big acrobatic moves. Some of their dance styles included, dramatic and lyrical.

When ancient Egyptian workers listened or danced to music, it would help them work better. Music and dance took an important part in ancient Egyptian culture. Without performing, ancient Egyptians would not have a way to show thanks to the gods, worship them, or entertain people.

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