The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Ancient Egyptian civilization had lots of help from the nile river. It is rumored that the nile river is the longest river on earth. The name Nile comes from their Greek Ancestors. The first ruler Narmer also known as menes was a native Egyptian. At the time, thirty percent of the population was Greek which led to being Egyptian-Greek. There were three kingdoms; the old kingdom, the middle kingdom, and the new kingdom. Their rich history helped shape modern day egypt today.

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The nile river shaped ancient egyptian civilization by providing food and water, through religious beliefs and ceremonies, and creating a path for trade.

The Nile river shaped ancient egyptian civilization in many ways. One of the ways the nile river helped egyptian civilization is by providing food and water. Most egyptians believed in a king called Hapi. It was believed Hapi the god of the nile river, controlled its annual floods. This led to fertile soil near the banks of the nile river. They also irritated water by building levees for agricultural purposes.

Another way the nile river helped egyptian civilization is by using the water from the river for ceremonies. Which was mainly because of their religious beliefs. At the time, they still worshipped the god Hapi because of his water. Other gods helped maintain the base and the flow of the river. They wrote hieroglyphics in many languages including Greek, Latin, and Egyptian.

Lastly, the nile river helped egyptian civilization by helping them trade. The egyptians used the nile river to import and export all types of goods. They developed a wide-reaching trade network. The network includes the Nile river and the Red Sea. They mostly traveled to the near east.

As a result, the nile river provided cuisine and drinks, along with polytheistic beliefs and rituals, and constructed paths for exchanges. The Ancient Egyptian development obtained a lot of support from the nile river. I find Ancient Egypt very appealing because of its rich history.

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