The Ancient Egyptian Chariot

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Would you feel comfortable driving in a vehicle that can tip over easily? The Ancient Egyptian chariot Is fascinating in many ways such as the importance, design, and its uses.

The chariot was extremely important to Ancient Egypt. The chariot improved the Egyptians fighting methods. It created easier mobility for archers. The chariot also provided entertainment for the Ancient Egyptians. Importance from the chariot was also because it provided transportation. Chariots were also part of royalty and showed rank.

The chariot was elaborately designed and constructed.

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It spent several hours for multiple people to make multiple different parts. The chariot started as a wagon, got turned into a battlewagon then evolved into the two wheeled horse drawn chariot. The Egyptians changed the chariot by making it lighter, changing the position of the axle, covering parts of the wheel with metal to reduce friction, and putting a wooden wheel hub on it. The chariot pieces were constructed by putting them in boiling water for several hours to bend them. The Egyptians used different kinds of wood for different pieces. For the axles they used ash, the footboard was made of sycamore and elm for the rest. Spokes for the chariots wheel was made by bending wood into six v-shaped pieces and constructed by making one spoke two pieces of the v-shaped wood. The chariot was glued together by using wet cattle intestines and had to be used regularly or the wheels would bend. The chariot is unsuited for rocky terrain and direct attack. There are two types of chariots. The six spoked war-chariot and the carriage chariot with four spokes. A chariot is mostly made of wood with a few pieces of metal and leather. The chariot is controlled by the charioteer, the driver, and the chariot-warrior.

The Ancient Egyptians turned the chariot into a huge weapon of war. The war-chariot helped with the Ancient Egyptian warfare with its rapid mobility and element of surprise in wars. When the chariot attacks it’s rode at full speed at the enemy and passes them while the chariot-warrior shoots the whole time. When the front line was broken the chariot would pursue and harass the soldiers of theenemy. Chariotry was also a military elite in Ancient Egypt. The armies strength was measured by numbers of chariots and men. The chariot was also occasionally led into battle by the king. The chariot-warrior would be armed with a bow, spear and a shield. A chariots main contribution was to the art of warfare.

The chariot was used in games and also for entertainment. It was used for hunting, specifically lion hunting. The hunting of the lions was mostly used by pharaohs and aristocrats. The chariot also was used for chariot races. The racing would help for honing the chariot-warrior and charioteers skills for war. Chariot racing was very dangerous. People would make small toys of chariots for small children and to be buried with.

There are a fair amount of interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptian chariot. Hyksos brought the chariot in the 2nd Intermediate period. The car got its name from the chariot. The chariot got its name from the latin word carrus meaning wheeled vehicle. The burial with one chariot was common but the person and horses had to be dead in order for it to happen. The chariot was believed to be a gift from the gods and its era lasted 4,000 years.

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