The Importance of Teamwork

As pharmacy technicians, we need to understand how important teamwork is accomplish our goals. Teamwork can add collective strength and endure power for the organization. Team work is defined as working together as a group with common expectations and goals.[1] Therefore, this involves helping others with their weaknesses to make them stronger.

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Pharmacy technicians should know and understand the importance of the roles they play in developing a strong team and the skills it takes to accomplish. There are multiple characteristics required to build that invincible team. In order to have an effective and focused team, everyone has to come to together as one. Having the knowledge of the above, pharmacy technicians will be able to further the organizations goals to stay supportive, caring, exceptional, and competitive.

Characteristics of a Good Team

In addition to practical components required for productive teamwork, there are certain characteristics that members of the team must have in order to yield effective teamwork. First, there must be interdependence. Interdependence stems from open communication and the increase of trust and risk-taking.[2] Secondly, good communication is important. Teamwork is social, so excellent team members need to be proficient and tactful communicators.[3] Open communication allows a team to share their ideas and opinions without uneasiness. Third, respect. Each person should respect the other even if you may disagree. Be honest and straightforward but do it in a respectful manner. If you want to be respected then you have to show respect. Fourth, this joint effort needs collaboration. This means each member learns how their skills adapt with those of the others. For a team to work, everyone needs to understand their role and how to use it. Fifth, positive attitude. A positive “”can-do”” attitude is crucial. A positive attitude and cooperation to perform the duties in a timely manner can produce results. Lastly, sharing leadership positions between the representatives heightens teamwork due to the feeling of mutual responsibility and accountability. [4]

Team Roles

Based on the 1993 research of R. Meredith Belbin, a successful team consists of nine roles.[5] The team roles are broken down into three categories:


Shaper- positive attitude, full of drive, loves a challenge, extroverts, great communicators, motivates others

Implementer – well organized, practical, slow to accept change, turns ideas and thoughts into plans, rigid

Completer/Finisher- eye for detail, drives the deadlines, perfectionists, neat, self-conscious, has an issue delegating


Coordinator- good listening skills, confident, self-disciplined, has a clear view of the teams objective, good at delegating


Worker- supportive, sensitive, promotes harmony to reduce conflict, non-committal during decision making


Investigator – inquisitive, enthusiastic, outstanding networking skills, negotiator


Monitor Evaluator- critical thinker, cautious, prefer to analyze information, lack energy to motivate

Specialist- expert knowledge in a specific area, has trouble seeing the whole picture, contribution to team is limited to their expertise, indispensable

Planter- innovative, introverts, prefer to work alone, and comes up with original approaches and ideas that help with problem solving, poor communicators

Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness evaluates how well the group is working together. To be compelling, one must learn how to manage conflict, evaluate the performance of the team, give feedback, and be appurtenant. Feedback is necessary because it helps to assess the team when it is given. However, it should be done with the yearning to help the person(s). By discussing the issues at hand, helps with problem solving skills. Conflict is stifled. Dealing with and managing conflict is seen as a way to improve. When mistakes happen and they will happen, mistakes should be treated as a source of learning rather than resources for punishment. [6]

How to Make It Better

In the workplace, we are always trying to make it more fitting. An article in Psychology Today, gave a strong definition of an enjoyable workplace and a horrid workplace. An enjoyable workplace, can enrich our lives, provide a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and a source of friendship and social connections. A horrid workplace, can be a living nightmare, leading to stress, burnout, depression, and dissatisfaction.[7] The following are ways you can make it better:

Pull your workload. Complete your daily responsibilities – affects others if not doneHold yourself accountable for your work and actionsCreate a positive work environmentSee a need, feel it and own itHelp your coworkers (team)- put their needs before your wantsTake initiativeOffer tactful suggestions-do not offend your peers

Working together to get the job functions done makes the day run smoothly and you and your coworkers (team) get the feeling of accomplishment and productive.


Working together as one has a lot of responsibilities. However, doing it in sync makes us well-balanced and unstoppable. One person is strong but a team is invincible. In the end, we need a solid and stable team. Therefore, when the team is solid, stable, focused, and working in sync to fulfill the same purpose, then it can be rewarding. However, this can only be adept when using a positive approach and not a negative approach.


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