Team Leader and Teamwork

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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My experience working with a team was when I started working with Selma Digital Opportunity experience working with a team was when I started working with Selma Digital Opportunity AmeriCorps Program that serves members from age eighteen and until. We severed twenty members that I had to train, work on various team projects and various community service projects as well. With this program, we mentor and tutored student k-5, taught basic computer skill to student and adult and did various community service throughout our community.

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With this, we had various community service projects that we participate in, and we had to come together as a team to get this project done. Working as a team with twenty-four members was very difficult but at the end of the day, we got the job done. Serving two years as a member I became part of the program staff which was very difficult because you had more roles and responsibilities as being part of the office team. When working with a team you have to be flexible, dependable and always have ideas. But I really enjoyed working with the team because it made me a better person, and I learn a lot from my other team members that I work with us.

Teamwork is a collection of people coming together with different abilities, hobbies and critiques are working as a group or group to attain a commonplace goal and which involves in building a relationship with different human beings on an critical skills or conduct examples are working cooperatively, contributing to organizations with ideas, notion and attempt, and capacity to take part in organization decision –making.

The strengths in regard to being a team leader you must have a great communication and organizational skills. With great communication skills that will allow the team leaders to listen to the input from the other team members and with organizational skills, this would help the team with different objectives and reach a common goal. But one of the main strength as an effective team leader is that you must have confidence and respect in your team members and also know your team members as well. A team leader must have flexibility, dependable, open communication with their team members.

A challenge that you will face being a team leader is trying to keep your team members engaged in all activities. Some other challenges that you may face that you know you would be an excessive team leader and you must have the trust of your team members. When being a team leader you face many challenges and strength throughout the process so I would use my strength to help me with the challenges to help me be a great team leader.

An effective team leader has a variety of traits and characteristics which make them more effective as a team leader. Also, a team leader has to inspire that trust and respect from their team members to make sure they get the job done. You must have great communication with your team and make sure they understand that you are listening to their input as a team leader. When you have organizational skills you will always have a plan that would continue and monitor your team toward meeting their goal. And have that respect and embrace conflicts as a team or individual.

To make myself more effective in understanding to my team or group is to have open communication; trust and respect to embrace our common goals and address any issues or conflict. Knowing each individual on my team and what are their vision and plan as a member of this team or group. You want to make sure that they as a team or group member they know their roles and responsibilities. And always pay attention to your team or group members how they interact or their behavior as a team or group member.

When I was working for Dallas County Court Service that gave a great experience to be an effective team member. The reason for that as coming for administrative of the team it was very challenging because then I would have to learn the ins and outs of the court system. This was a challenging process to learn and it wasn’t very easy.

Learn how to intake people in and putting them in the system was a great challenge for me. But I adapt to the process of not knowing the criminal justice part of the job. But when I learn the system I was able to learn many tasks and also assisted other team members with the clients and work. Working for Dallas County Court Service I achieve a common goal and made it a great success.

In conclusion, being an effective team leader you must establish and maintain a productive, cluster and work well along as a team whereas evolving your leadership goals. As a team leader, you must make time to lead your group in a positive and effective way. Always know your team as a team leader if you know your team they will listen to you and always input different ideas and work on a common goal. The most important that you should have as being an effective team leader is that you must communicate, communicate and communicate and last but not least you must always lead by example.

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