Communication is a Key to Teamwork

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Communication is a life of learning, but also an art. Speaking up in one of communication skills which is needed. According to Carlo Rotella in his article “”Silent Students Shortchange Themselves, and Others””,””But to be a contributing member of such a fellowship of reason, and not an impediment to it, you need to ante up your share of useful thinking. Which means that you need to not only prepare well and listen, but also speak up.”” This proves that in order to produce a team better, the members need to improve themselves by proposing each other’s weaknesses.

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It is necessary to speak out teammates’ shortcomings in a team work.

People speak up in a teamwork which accelerate the development of the team. Each individual gathered together to form a team. Every individual should help his team to make progress and offer beneficial suggestions to the team. Everyone says his own ideas and suggestions to help the group do better. For example, in a basketball game, during the discussion of half-time break, the captain needs to summarize and analyze the players’ performances, and the players need to put forward their own countermeasures to win the game.

In this meeting, if the captain does not point out the shortcomings of the players in the game, or the players do not want to speak off their views on the game, then the team can not find their real defects. Therefore, there will be no improvement for the team in this meeting without saying anything. Speaking up in certain situation can be positive for promoting awareness. You not only bring new information to team, but you can also educate others in a positive way. By speaking up, you can help a person become better.

The greater plan for the group should be the priority. Most people stay silent because they do not want to do any harm by offending or criticizing someone. But when the team is headed down a rough path it is selfish to put one own need to be comfortable above the needs of the others. Worse, by staying silent, one may be harming the people one hope to help. The worst case if one speak up is that someone may disagree with him or her, but at least the issue is at the forefront. The best case is that everyone benefits and the person who speak up is seem as a useful one in this team, which also can prove him or her confidence on being in the team.

People mostly hate about speaking loudly in the meeting because they do not want to be observe. And although it may seem like a bad thing, it’s actually very positive. Speaking up about an idea, or to tell someone off, will not only help you, but it will help the others around you. It will inspire them to be brave enough to try again or do better. If personal experience and academic knowledge have value in situations, whereas should be able to bring useful value in specific situations.

That doesn’t mean that everything in one’s brain is worth communicating, but with a little thought, one should be able to bring value. People don’t automatically recognize one’s skills and values, when the person is quiet. Speaking off own ideas or thoughts, or others’ shortcomings is not a situation that we need to be afraid or ashamed.

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