The Importance of Loyalty in Relationships: Building a Customer Relationship

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Updated: Jun 22, 2022
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Those basic shopping carts that we all use at our local grocery stores are made with steel, plastic at the sides, and some accessory for the seat belt for children driving inside of them. According to Casey Chan, those shopping carts cost about $100 each mainly because they are made with steel, bumpers, wheels, and more, which eventually adds up. Since these steel-made carts cost $100, our shopping carts will be a little more expensive considering the fact that the scanning sensors and touchscreens will be implemented into the project.

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Although the price may discourage grocery stores from buying our product, seeing it from a different perspective may make them think.

They will save on cash registers, where the price is $800 only for the box. Additionally, Point of Sale needs to be connected to the register and computer system, which costs between $1,500 and $30,000 (Farabee, 2013). After completing some research, I found out that self-scanning shopping carts are already in the market, and Tesco, which is a retailer located mostly in European countries, is already making use of it. However, their system is slightly different. Adding onto our plastic carts and scanning sensors, a touchscreen device will be added in a size of an iPhone 8 Plus. Considering the fact that the current price of an iPhone 8 Plus is around $600, our device will not be as advanced. Therefore, the price of the device will be rather lower, and the total cost of our self-scanning shopping cart will amount to $500. As mentioned earlier, the money will be saved by not needing to buy any more of cash registers.

Building a customer relationship involves creating positive relationships based on mutual trust. To build a relationship, we will need both parties to the transaction. Without built relationships, it is difficult to achieve sales success. Negotiators, traders and sellers emphasize the importance of relationships in obtaining and maintaining any client. Relationships are associated in a positive context with effective communication, sales success, satisfaction, and fulfillment of their ambitions. To develop a sales relationship with our clients, we will give something of value, meaning with a purchase of 100 shopping carts, additional five carts will be free. As we become well-known in the market, we will implement additional discounts for customers that grocery stores will give out to their clients from our company.

Such may include discounts for fresh vegetables and fruit that our company will pay for. We will be honest because we know how easily clients can be lost. Each sale activity undertaken by traders should be aimed at building a relationship because it pays off for all parties to the transaction, a company represented and a client who conducts business. Customers, we believe, are very sensitive to the way they conduct a business conversation. They may quickly reveal insincerity in the words and behavior of the seller. They may be sensitive to any attempts to manipulate them, to prompt them to make a quick decision. This ‘shortcut’ will result in the loss of customer confidence and the lack of a decision to buy our products and services, therefore, we will avoid doing so.

As we began to plan our product, the next step is to engage with our customers. Engagement is a process in which we will determine how our sales team will interact with prospective clients. We will need an idea for our decision-makers to say, “We are interested. When can we meet?” as often as it is possible. This is when we will specify all positives about our carts to encourage them to make the purchase. Lastly, implementation will take place. This is the moment when our people will get to work. We have a plan, we know resources and people, and goals have been set. It will be time for us to send people to the field. Only in action, we will check if everything we have planned before makes sense and gives us a chance for success.

And because the highest form of trust is control, we will spend time to gain 100% confidence that people know what to do and only do what belongs to their tasks. We will make sure that we have a continuous and constant supply of customers, and make sure that we do not plan to overestimate our own capabilities and capabilities of the clients we will work with. Precise development of the sales process allows predicting achieved results and facilitates making difficult business decisions. We already determined what the purchasing process will look like from the perspective of our clients. With our hopes, we imagine grocery stores wanting their customers to be happy when they shop at their locations, and happiness comes with fast shopping experience and not having to wait in long lines.

Listed is the scheme of a simple process that we will use in our company. First, we will collect data and fill out the contact details of our grocery stores. Then we will contact, set a valuable reason for a meeting and eventually schedule the meeting. Later, we will meet with the client, recognize the needs together, set requirements and criteria for the offer evaluation, and set a budget. Next, we will send the offer, present and discuss it, set the terms of cooperation, and sign the contract. Lastly, as everything will go smoothly, we will suggest and perform an evaluation survey and ask for references.

Loyalty programs are one of the most effective ways to build a relationship between the company and the consumer. I believe that more and more companies appreciate the value of regular customers and try to offer them various benefits in exchange for loyalty to the brand, which translates into a rapid development of the loyalty program market around the world. One way to loyalty customers will be card-point programs, whose operating principle will be based on collecting points by buying and using our product. Points will be collected on membership cards for grocery stores, and then will be exchanged for various types of prizes, money or discount coupons. Another type of loyalty programs will be the money system, which will allow grocery stores to receive a refund of a part of the amount spent on the purchase of a product of our company. Our company will eventually produce other products than shopping carts, and those loyalty programs will relate to those products as well.

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