Lush, Whole Food and Etsy Companies and their Strategies and Customer Service

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Updated: Jun 18, 2022
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Lush, Whole Food and Etsy are companies with dissimilar industries that are chasing different business plans. This means that these companies are focused in different practices, however they all follow the same business strategy, which is focused differentiation. Due to their uniqueness of their products they have a competitive advantage of their competitors. Lush is a unique international brand that sells bath bombs, soap and conditioner bars, lotions, faces mask, fragrances, skin and eye makeup. They have a competitive advantage for being cruelty free! Their products are handmade, using only vegetables and fruits to maximize the hydration and radiance of your skin.

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Because of this, Lush is picked over many low priced products. Whole Food offers a unique experience while shopping online or in stores. They provide fresh and healthier food choices for their customers. Their competitive advantage is being owned by Amazon and having an excellent supply chain system over their competitors while maintaining their excellent customer service. Etsy is another worldwide company. This company has a competitive advantage since is extremely different to Amazon and eBay due to their unique handmade craft items giving artisans/ skilled people the opportunity to sell their creative items. Majority of Etsy’s sellers will work with you to have your customized order delivered on time.

The best provider strategy is that the customer receives a better quality of a certain product at a reasonable cost. The three companies that I have chosen are Target, Chick-Fil-A and South West Airlines. Target offers great customer service and even though their prices are about the same to its competitors, target offers better quality items. Target is different to its competitors since it gives you a different type of experience while shopping by having nice and friendly environment along with their well-arranged store. They offer higher-end products and up to date fashion clothing. Chick-Fil-A really gives you that great welcoming feeling when you step in their location and even through their drive thru due to their nice and friendly employees. Their competitive advantages are having a variety of free condiments, you are able to receive free food with their reward program and majority of the time they host family events and everyone is welcomed. South West airlines gives everyone the opportunity to fly at an affordable price rate. Their competitive advantage is having two free checked bags and unlike other airlines this company will give you credit for a further flight if you decide to cancel last minute. Another advantage over their competitors is that on Tuesday nights they usually have specials.

Kohl’s “Purpose and Values: …. Ultimately, our goal is to be the most engaging retailer in America. We will achieve that goal by focusing on our customers and creating product assortments that excite them. By building genuine, lasting relationships with them… We put customers first and take a ‘yes we can’ approach to everything we do. …” To better understand Kohl’s vision and mission statement along with their approach you must know that Kohl’s Corporation business approach is a broad low cost provider. Kohl’s is one of the largest American retail chain corporation that offers name brand products at a discounted price. They put their customers first and make them feel cared about. Kohl’s makes customers their priority and makes sure the customer is always satisfied by living up to their commitments and earning their trust. A few activities that have helped Kohl’s achieve a unique position are that this corporation has over 1,000 stores making their revenue performance higher every year.

This company is able to maintain their low retail prices through their limited staffing who are well treated creating low turnover rates. Their low cost structure which consist of keeping their prices low and on top of that having coupons/ discount codes and a reward programs for all their customers. This company targets middle – income shoppers offering them a variety of products like apparel, accessories and footwear for just anyone, electronics and home products. This chain company also offers the best deal during any holiday. They have a lot of markdown prices and including coupons that you can use. When you go into the Kohl’s Website,, or their corporate website,, you will notice that this is a chain only in America. They lack foreign customers by not offering worldwide shipping. If they offered international shipping their income could increase. Another thing is that doesn’t offer the quick view option to make it easier to shop online.

According to my research, I was able to find the five generic strategies for the following companies; Starting with GameStop. GameStop business strategy is a broad differentiation. Their uniqueness is that they focus in only videogames and collectible exclusive toys. They also sell used videogames/ toys which makes it affordable for certain buyers. In this company you can find almost any game that you are looking for unlike its competitors. Amazon uses a low-cost strategy. This is a top e-commerce worldwide company. It is extremely easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for in their website. This company knows how to attract customers due to their low prices, reviews and customer service. They also have an excellent supply chain system which is convenient for the customer because it has the option to deliver items in under 24 hours as well as other sipping options. ALDI is a focused low-cost provider due to it being focused in only selling common food items.

This company offers affordable food prices for its customers. Their stores are smaller than competitors making it easy for a quick grocery shopping trip. The customer has to bag their own groceries, pay 0.25 cents to rent a cart and receives the money back once cart is returned. Sears uses a broad low-cost strategy by giving their customers low rates on home appliances, clothes, shoes and hardware tools. Sears does not have the best customer service experience. They do offer a cash back program that gives you the opportunity to get money back and use it on your next purchase. They always have great sales specially during the holiday season. Best Buy business strategy is a broad product focused differentiation due to being one of the largest global electronic retail company. Their employees have knowledge about the items being sold in these stores which is a plus for a customer to be well informed about a product that they have question about. Best Buy does not offer the most affordable prices but they offer a unique shopping experience due to their exclusive products and customer service.

Sally Beauty uses the strategy of a focused low cost business strategy. Their competitive advantage is that they focus in selling affordable prices and plenty of products for hair unlike other makeup stores. This company does not have a wide range of makeup brands but you will find anything you need for a quick affordable makeover for your hair and makeup. Gallery Furniture business strategy is a focused differentiation strategy. This company has an advantage for being known for their unique furniture and home appliances. Their customer service is also a plus. They make you feel welcome and they always have some goodies for their customers (free dessert, buffet, drinks,). This is another place that makes you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in. Finally yet importantly, Mattress Mack is also a well know person dues to his kindness, humbleness and for caring for his customers. He personally greets and assist customers. In my opinion, the best thing a CEO can do! These are Gallery’s Furniture competitive advantage. 

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