The Golden State Killer

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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For many years serial killer have caused fear in society. They can range from shooters to rapist to kidnappers. Most people have heard of at least one serial killer, when there is one in our area we get scared we feel terrorized and scared. Serial killers have many motives some are caused by troubled childhoods such as losing parents at a young age or abusive parents. The motives are unknown for sure until they are caught. Some Serial killers are lucky to and never get caught and brought to justice like this Killer Joseph James Deangelo .

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Joseph James DeAngelo known the Golden state killer was not just to killing people, he also was involved in 50 rapes and 100 burglaries in over 10 countries across the California area. His first murder was february 2 1978 . When he killed his first victim he called out “ I hate you bonnie” Like stated on CNN interview he just to have a relationship with a woman named Bonnie .He took out his anger out on another woman that looked like the woman that broke his heart . Many people that get hurt by other take their anger out on other people to a point where they kill someone just because they do things or look like the person that they hate .

In 1070s his everyday or normal life people saw him as helpful and someone who they can go to when help is needed. But in reality he was a serial killer, raping over fifty women, murdering over thirteen people, and involved in a series of burglaries. Many people didn’t see James as a threat to anybody because he was a retired police officer, and respected in the community. He was also involved in over 100 burglaries from 1974 to 1986 .

Police started to suspect that the golden state killer was not only committing crime in just one part of California many detectives were calling other police stations and one in particular came up. Two women were raped and killed in Irvine ,California with the same unknown DNA profile but no person to be found or be a suspect to be heard responsible. That made the police see that he was not just in one part of california he had the moved to other parts and made himself known but never captured . Back then their was not much to for about DNA they had the proof but they did not have the technology that we have now . Now today he was found 40 years later due to ancestry DNA . Finally brought to justice . To these families that had suffer for their loved one being killed and raped someone was found to stop their pain .

James had done so many things to women leaving their dead bodies in ditches. According to the women they were woken up in the middle of the night to see him just staring at them . One victim said that she heard the light switch turn on in the hallway and at the time she was sleeping with her 3 year old son and she saw james standing there looking at her . It was finally time that james was brought to justice and at this time these families can finally be at peace knowing he is gone, but nothing could take their pain way . Knowing some That had caused too much Damage to people was finally brought to justice after so many years of pain and, sadness to those families .

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