Ghosts of Serial Killers

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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In this research paper we are going to be talking about how serial killers are created, not born. Due to bad parenting or bad home life, or because of drug and alcohol abuse.

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They should also be able to have access to rehabilitation. serial killers are created over a long period of time and not born. it takes a certain type of person to do things such as murder. They usually have a history of bad home life, bad parenting, drug, and alcohol abuse. There’re usually strange things that serial killers do as a young child. Such as mutilating small animals, od behavior, and they tend to be a loner. The signs have been in cases were the induvial is once been an outgoing cheery person who suddenly become shy, and antisocial.

They say that serial killers usually do not understand punishments, and this has led them to believe they can do whatever they please and not get punished for their actions. They are also known to be very intelligent. Usually the reason someone starts to murder people is because they are mentally unstable, being paid money, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are many leading causes to becoming a serial killer there has been many study’s done. But no one has ever really found a straight answer they believe that it has to do with your DNA and the way you are raised.

There are many factors like if your family has a history of mental illness, or child abuse. The scary thing is that there have been cases where the person does not show signs of it but then all a suddenly snaps and does terrible things to people. There are also people who are under the influence of a mix of pain medication and alcohol who also have a history of metal health issues that black out and do terrible things that they do not remember doing afterwards.

They should really be doing something to help induvial who has to deal with these problems. Before it escalates to something worse because if you were able to tell the signs and get them help it would really help them and probably stop them from going crazy and doing terrible things. Hopefully if they had a rehabilitation system for them it would drop the numbers drastically in repeat offenders and could even prevent people from doing terrible things. Creation of a serial killer also must deal with his home life and how he was treated as a child. There are many factors, but this plays a big part in it. many serial killers have been interviewed and they say that their home life and their relationship with their parent really had a big part to play in them becoming mentally unstable.

But the odd thing is that their serial killer that have had normal live and never did any wrong. But then one day they snap and do terrible things. Or they get caught after killing people for many of years. They usually ask the people who knew them, and they always usually say that they seemed normal and harmless. Such as the famous serial killer Ted Bundy everyone saw him as a normal induvial. But he ended but being one of the most notorious serial killer. The very weird thing is that ted came from a very normal family that was good to him. But most serial killers had a traumatic child hood if it was either sexual, emotional, or physical abuse they all had some type of traumatic event happen in their life time. Many of them were in and out of trouble with the law their whole life. Some were neglected as a child and bullied for being an outcast and antisocial.

The big question is that if a serial killer can become a better person or not. They can, but it all deepens on the type of person you are dealing with. This is Because there are truly evil people in the world that will never change. They should have to do a psychology evaluation and their score should determine if they can get help or not. Because they could become better people, they just need to be given the chance and given some help along the way otherwise they will never change. But hopefully if you help them they take the chance and change for the better.

There have been many studies done on rehabilitation for serial killers or even for prisoners. Many say that it cannot be done but many others say it can, it just takes time and the right people to do it. Over in Norway they have a prison that is more like a hotel because they treat the inmates with respect and give them free time. They have said that ever since they began this new rehabilitation treatment idea it has really helped with the numbers of repeat offenders.

No matter if they are a serial killer or a small-time criminal, they all need to be able to fit back into society when they get out of prison sometimes the reason that they are in there is because they could not fit in to the society. Now they can get help and hopefully overtime be able to become a functioning person in society once they get out. In Norway the number has drastically dropped. Therefore, every other country should be doing it the same way instead of treating them like animals because by doing that all your doing is turning them into more violent and evil people then they were before.

All these main points influence people in different ways. It shows you what bad parenting and a mixture of other thing can traumatic young children and that effects them as they get older. This why serial killers are created not born. Due to bad parenting, bad homelife, drug or alcohol abuse. They should also have a rehibition center for all inmates who choose to use it. I hope you enjoyed reading my essay and learned something along the way. 

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