Approach to Serial Killers in the Silence of the Lambs

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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‘The Silence of the Lambs’ starts on a cannibalistic view at the start. It begins in an analytical approach regarding serial killers where one of them Dr. Lecter has been arrested and is in the custody of the FBI. The FBI has however not managed to apprehend every other serial killer by apprehending him and there is yet another killer identified as Buffalo Bill whom they seek to arrest because of his tendencies to kill women. To acquire information regarding Bill, the FBI led by their head Dr.

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Chilton uses Clarice Starling who is a trainee in the FBI as they believe that Dr. Lecter will be more open to her as opposed to the other interrogators whom he refused to give a hint about. Dr. Lecter gives Starling a clue of where to find some lambs where she finds no lamb but finds the head of one of Lecter’s patients who has been murdered by Bill. Bill still continues with his killing tendencies and at the time when Starling pursues him, and he is keeping Catherine Martin, the mother to a senator ready to skin her.

Dr. Lecter on the other side manages to kill the guards in his cell and runs away as Starling honors an invitation by Bill to his house for a grill. Once Starling identifies Bill using his symbol which is a mammoth with a little skull on the back, she kills him and rescues Catherine. On the other hand, Dr. Lecter is waiting for DR. Chilton to have him for dinner. Particular Scene and its Significance The scene that caught my eyes most in the instance where, and she also fears being skinned. She, therefore, had to use her intelligence to ensure that she does not fall victim to this serial killer who would also skin her alive. Particular interest on the film is whereby Starling showcases her skill by quickly identifying Bill by the mammoth head and a small skull symbol and quickly prepares to handle him and kill him.

One would fear that as Starling would lose control when she chases Bill to the basement where it is dark. Starling is however skilled and even when she does not have the night vision that Bill has, she manages to kill him and rescue Catherine. The significance of this scene is that it showcases Starling as the real skilled individual who could have handled the situation and leaves everyone believing that no one should be despised when they are set out to execute particular duties. The scene left an impression of the essence of being analytical while handling dangerous situations like Starling is which is the reason that she does not fall victim to the antics of Bill and rescues Catherine.

The directing and editing of the film is one that is classical. It is one that makes the film to be perfect in that the audience views the film with coherence from the very start to the very end. The directing of the film is I the first place effective because of the choice of the setting. The setting in which the film is shot is in busy grounds. I appreciated the fact that the directors chose to use the investigative environment of the FBI to showcase that there is such an instrumental issue that the film is set to address. A case of cannibalism especially by a doctor who has another accomplice that skins women alive is one that required an investigative environment where seriousness was deserved and hence the choice that the film takes the direction of investigation influenced my appreciation of the film.

The directing and editing of the film was also instrumental in ensuring that every scene was well captured and went as per the written script. For instance, it is the super directing and editing of the film that ensured that Dr. Lector would call Starling just when she was through with killing Bill. The call is appreciative of the efforts that Starling had put in place and it is still something that disturbs her because she is left in suspense on whether Lecter wants to feed on her boss. The directing and editing of the film, therefore, left me wishing to see more and hence I have such a great appreciation of the film

The main challenges in the production of the film were to find the best character that could fit in the place of a man that has a mental disorder that makes them cannibals even when they are educated. The other challenge of the film was to showcase cannibalistic man end free leaving the viewers wondering how other people would spend their lives seeing that the4 serial killer who kills people and eats them is now free. The challenges in the film are also in the choice of the location to shoot the film such that it would not appear as mere fiction to the viewers (Grove, 2019). There were, therefore, many issues to overcome in the production of the film that the directors had to overcome before shooting the film.

These challenges were however overcome by critical thought and choice of a man that would effectively display the looks and the inhumanity in a serial killer. Dr. Lecter was successful in playing that role which left the viewers without an element of doubt regarding the existence of evil serial killers who even eat people. The choice of the location and the depiction of Dr. Lecter as one cunning criminal who could even free himself was also an instrumental way that ensured the difficult issues in production were addressed. The film to the viewers appeared real in such a great way due to the way that the challenges in production were addressed.

From the film, I derived another meaning of what making films are all about. I learned that making a film is about directing and shooting the film such that the final outcome looks like what is on the script. From the film, I realized that every peculiar thought in the mind of a filmmaker can be actively showcased in a film when there is an articulate production that makes the director represent what is in the script in real acting. The strict following of the script as shown in the film was the reason as to why the film was successful.

By using the motivation acquired from the film, I will seek to ensure that what I write on the script is the same thing that I showcase. I learned that regardless of what is the main thought in the film, the choice of the situation to shoot the movie, the following of the plot as exact as it is on paper is quintessential. For that reason, I will seek to be more interested in the shooting of the video in a manner that resembles the main thought in the script. The film was therefore of very great essence to me as it taught me the antics of film production with alignment to the script.

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