The Effects of the Internet of Things on the Field of Project Management

IoT by far comes with a number of benefits to organization, business and the world in general can enjoy. For while it has assisted organizations and business entities to keep track and monitor their overall business-related processes, continue to enhance the customer experience, improve the organization efficiency in terms of saving cost and finances. In addition, it has improved the employee related productivity, integration an adapt models of business as well as better business decision are now made.

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All this benefit have always come at a cost and therefore there are number of barrier related with the IoT implementation the project management field is facing today. In board view they can be grouped in to cultural based barriers and technical based barriers.

IoT represent a fundamental innovation in the industry’s ecosystem. IoT has proven to be significant under different perspectives and therefore its adoption and implementation as a new technology will always be difficult. The barrier to IoT in this point of view include IoT security and privacy issues, lack or inadequacy of standards and documented best practices, and regulations/legal issues. According to Percudani, & Batrawi, (2017), the adoption of such a new technology will definitely trigger what they referred as a loop defined technophobia.

On cultural barrier perspective and in accordance with Percudani, & Batrawi, (2017), there seem to lack a holistic or an all-inclusive understanding what IoT holds, what business-related opportunities it can offer both for entrepreneurs and existing companies. In fact, what is currently noted is that IoT is seen as a disruptive base technology. Its adoption and implementation to some is a threat to strategic decision as this would imply strict radical changes. Reasonably, it’s a vital decision to consider this new technology and its impact to corporations and business interties as radical changes. What it means the new technological updates will eventually impact all the relevant activities in the entire company or business, it will impact strategic decision, investment as well as productivity. According to Gao, & Bai, (2014), despite the strong support to IoT, consumer trust of IoT technologies and service providers is whispered to play a fundamental role in adoption intention.

Lack or inadequacy of common standards and documented best practices

Technical related barrier can be viewed in different perspective. One is Lack or inadequacy of common standards and documented best practices within IoT. According to Percudani, & Batrawi, (2017), this aspect assumes the first technical related barrier to adoption and implementation of IoT. In summary no know common standard between the primary components within the IoT ecosystem. Interoperability and compatibility of the stakeholder posed a major challenge even in project management field.

Security as a potential obstacles faced by the project management field in adapting to the Internet of Things projects.

Security is fundamental internet pillar and it is considered to be a huge barrier and challenge for IoT. In summary following the influx of the number of devices connected there is still a direct increase in terms of the opportunities to exploit security vulnerabilities. This means poorly designed technological devices will expose user information and data to theft. If the data regarding user’s health or safety is left streaming (implanted, hackable cars, and internet-enabled medical devices) and not protected adequately is it then subjected to risk and malicious acts of hackers and so do in the management of project data and information.

Privacy as a potential obstacles faced by the project management field in adapting to the Internet of Things projects.

According to IoT Percudani, & Batrawi, (2017), IoT technologies have presented a very unique challenge to privacy even some go beyond the current data privacy issues and this has been a huge concern and slowed its pace of adoption and implement in project management field. This is a barrier to project management field as well more so integrating technological devices into the environment even without us using them consciously.

In conclusion, by a way of realizing the full opportunity IoT present to the entire globe we need strategies that respond to all these barriers to be adopted. This will still foster innovation and new technologies as well as services.

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