The China Air Pollution

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The problem that I will be discussing in this essay is about the pollution in China. The air quality is becoming worse and worse in China each year. Air pollution has been a major issue in China for many years, first record of China having unhealthy and unsafe air quality was back in January of 2005. They are still in the process of reducing the levels of nitrogen dioxide in their air. The water pollution has also been in an issue in China for many years.

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Right now, the water is unsafe for human consumption. China’s water supply has been contaminated by the dumping of toxic human and industrial waste. The air pollution in China has been occurring since of January 2005 when it was first recorded of high levels of nitrogen dioxide. This was due to industrial companies rise in coal consumption and CO2 emissions. The worse periods of CO2 emissions and nitrogen dioxide in the air was during the winter of 2012-2013. The reason being was because of Beijing’s stimulus campaign to strengthen the economy in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008.

The water pollution in China is very very bad. Almost half of China’s population cannot access water that is safe for human consumption. Two-thirds of China’s rural population relies on tainted water. This will be a problem for them today and future generations with water pollution doubling from what the government originally predicted. Their water supply has been contaminated by the dumping of toxic human and industrial waste. China has tried to increase regulations with pollution but it’s still rising. China has a procedure to cure its water pollution problems. In 2016 they set specific goals for water consumption and water quality. The Plan aims to reduce water consumption by 23 percent from 2015 levels by 2020.

They plan to upgrade urban sewage facilities and to increase rates of wastewater treatment. China also plans to cure its air pollution problems. Four decades of economic growth turned China into the world’s biggest carbon emitter and now they are changing their rules and regulations. They are cracking down on pollution like never before with introducing new green policies that can be felt across the world. In conclusion, China has 2 major pollution problems affecting their country. They need to solve these problems fast before it becomes unbearable to live there anymore. The fact that about half of the population don’t have access to clean and usable water is insane. They also have to deal with the air quality being trash and not breathing in fresh and clean air.

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