Catastrophic Effect of the Pollution in the World

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Pollution has a catastrophic effect in the world today and our future. Its caused by the process of making new land, water , air or other parts of the environment that are unsanitary and not able to be used. Simple abiotic factors such as light, sound, and temperature can be considered as a pollutants once they are initiated artificially into an environment. There are three different types of pollution today land, air and water. A pollutant that is most common is land pollution.

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, land pollution is the deterioration of the Earth’s land surfaces caused by household garbage, negative human impact and industrial waste. Many people think that land pollution is caused by littering even though it is a part of the issue, a major cause is industrial including big oil refiners, the production of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. As the population is growing famers are needing to use more toxic fertilizers to get rid of the insects in order to supply produce. Land pollution includes illegal dumping of waste in landfills. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the amount of organic material used was the largest amount of garbage generated ( Other daily materials we use make up the amount of garbage the EPA calculates including food, yard trimmings, plastics and more. A negative affect that is caused by land pollution is a change in climate change. How much land pollution is very hazardous to world because it can cause loss in ecosystems and depending if the land is polluted or not affects directly or indirectly climate patterns. Any type of liquid, solid or sludge that contains properties that are dangerous to the human health or environment is called toxic waste.

The second most harmful pollution in the world is air pollution. Air pollution is when an unusually substance is added to the air. An example of this would be whenever fuels are being released into the air. Gases such as sulfur, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other toxic chemicals can harm the air in our world damaging human health. Once these chemicals are released into the atmosphere they start to cause acid rain and smog, acid rain damages our ecosystems and smog affects your respiratory system. Also another form of air pollution can come from the gases inside a greenhouse. This gases include carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide with these gases being trapped in the greenhouse they absorb the radiation released from the Earth, trapping the heat from escaping. Air pollution causes over 2 million deaths each year and rapidly rising as the air is being more polluted. From air pollution people can develop respiratory illness and cardiovascular disease causing an increase in asthma and blocked blood vessels in the heart. Another deadly pollution in the world today is water pollution. This occurs when an unfamiliar substance have been exposed to water coming from either chemicals, fertilizers, sewage waste and more. Water pollution doesn’t just affect the United States but also other major countries who demand on a large water supply. It also can damage marine life too causing the animals in the ocean to become sick, or extinct. If sewage becomes in contact with water then it cause lack of oxygen in killing =the organic material that the marine life need in order to survive. Water pollution causes the spread of diseases to people by eating contaminated seafood or from the lack of sanitary drinking water in an area. Water pollution caused a major threat to humans and the environment.

Pollution does not only affect the environment it also affects the world socially, economically, and politically. Pollution has affected the world socially by causing health issues to us humans. Any type of pollution is a danger to society including the human body. Due to air pollution you are more likely to develop cancer and a damaged immune system. With land pollution the toxins go into our soil causing the land to be become unreliable in order to produce the supply of food we need from depending on our farmers. From water pollution we are putting yourself at risk for infections and diseases than can kill us humans or the environment and spread to others. Economically the amount of money used to try and fix pollutant caused problems is very expensive. Pollution cost the lives of other people and og babies including the ability for people to work. Without the ecosystems being able to provide the functions needed for the ocean, damage repairs are needed costing money to repair them. As the government is involved into pollution today the citizens believed that there should be ways for the factories to no be polluting the the atmosphere. Also the citizens of China believe that there should be extent greater measures to help the effect, that has been caused by cars and other fuels into the air producing smog. With the government investing in more companies this is causing more factories to be built and more pollution being brought into the air.

There are many different types of anti pollution agencies in the world that want to reduce the amount of pollution in the air or stoop it in order to save humans and the environment. Incling the following, the National academies board helps monitor climate related fields and provides help for federal agencies, the community and the nation on any type of problems they are having. The Another agency is the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) this agency organizes national programs and rules for the controllement of raidatiatin and air pollution in the world. There is also another agency that is and important help to our world in order to help human health form the effects they have encountered from any type of pollution. This agency is called the Centers of Disease and Prevention it is and air pollution and respiratory health organization. Any type of pollution occurs globally in the world and can have a major effect on anyone and anything this is why we need to help and try to prevent pollution from causing any other damages in our world today or future.

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