The American Dream and the Growth of Cities

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Updated: Apr 09, 2022
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“Goldrush brides” song is about Wild West and families who are struggling to adapt into a new environment of the gold rush. Especially “homestead wives” had go to through hardship to maintain household work and help their husbands. Eric Foner’s book chapter, 16 is about the afterward of civil war and the Unites States shifting from agriculture to Industrial revolution. Industrial revolution brought rapid economic growth to U.S and the meantime government started the Homestead Act of 1862. Lyric of the Gold rush bride is about part of westward expansion and gold rush seekers’ life.

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Westward expansion is big changing movement for the United States history and millions of people moved to new place for opportunity and the American dream.  One of the big movements was California’s gold rush and it was not an easy fortune for most gold-seekers. “Homestead wives” had to do all home-related errands and take care of their whole family members. During the “agriculture era” men did not have longevity as these days. Because of the harsh work condition men usually die before they it made more wives become a widow. Also women suffered from several things such as childbirth, yellow fever and death of their husbands. They had to take care of their family and need to become breadwinners too.

Also in the “West” there was opportunity and land but it was not easy survive there.   They have to go through so many obstacles such Indians, Draught, harsh weather, illness, and isolation. Even “Cowboys” life was not glamorous as movies and their paycheck was too low. History book’s chapter sixteen is about the afterward of the civil war and the United States shifting from agriculture to the industrial revolution. During this time of massive expansion enjoyed rapid economic growth.

Civil war changed U.S from an agricultural to an industrialized country and millions of people moved from to countryside to city. It was changing how people make their living and before the industrial revolution, most people depend on their living from agriculture. The industry was not always good for workers of the industry and long hours of work was not healthy. During the Industrial revolution, the U.S started built railroads and oil refineries and it helped the economy grow faster than ever. U.S production line started to make one-third of the world’s goods and started to dominate the world’s economy. Also railroad and oil refinery businesses made owners so rich that nobody saw.

The railroad changed how people travel and transport food. End of nineteenth century some of the inventors made refrigerators to keep and transport good for long-distance. All these economic growths took toll on most American working men’s average age was 47 in 1890’s. In conclusion, there was opportunity and growth in the “West” but people paid the price for it and free lands was not free at all. The industrial revolution changed the way we live and consume. Our life style changed and urbanization grew to big cities.

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