Teen Pregnancy and the Affect on the Economy

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Updated: May 24, 2021
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“In this section we are going to focus significantly on the timing/sequencing pattern during which childbearing precedes college completion. Because of the time and energy that raising kids need, which interferes with the time and energy required to study and attend classes, women who bear a child during the school years typically leave before they will complete their schooling. This is particularly the case for people who bear a baby throughout the highschool years. Results from a number of studies show that young women who bear a child as teenagers are substantially less likely to complete high school than those who bear a child later on. All the studies reviewed show that early childbearers exhibit a substantial educational deficit relative to later childbearers.

In Associate in Nursing economy that more and more demands higher levels of academic accomplishment, teen pregnancy can interrupt or derail education, with lasting consequences. Nationally, solely concerning half adolescent mothers earn a highschool certification by age twenty two, compared to 89 percent of women who do not give birth in their teen years. Teens World Health Organization have a baby before age eighteen ar even less probably to graduate; solely thirty eight p.c earn a certification and another nineteen p.c get a GED. Less than a pair of p.c of juvenile moms end faculty by the time they’re thirty.(Child Trends)

Evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs have been identified by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) TPP Evidence Review External, which used a systematic process for reviewing evaluation studies against a rigorous standard. Currently, the Evidence Review covers a variety of diverse programs, including sexuality education programs, youth development programs, abstinence education programs, clinic-based programs, and programs specifically designed for diverse populations and settings. In addition to evidence-based interference programs, teens need access to youth-friendly contraceptive and reproductive health services and support from parents and other trusted adults, who can play an important role in serving to teens create healthy decisions concerning relationships, sex, and birth control. Efforts at the community level that address social and economic factors related to immature gestation conjointly play a essential role in addressing racial/ethnic and geographical disparities ascertained in immature births in the US.”

Teen Pregnancy and the Affect on the Economy essay

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