Education is a Human Priority

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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“Education is a human priority. Benjamin Franklin and Booker T Washington are a good example on why education is important. While these men grew up facing different obstacles, Booker T grew up enslaved, along with his whole family, however that didn’t stop him from trying to learn. Benjamin Franklin grew up with his two parents, and 16 siblings, and put all the money he ever had into books and trying to educate himself. They both were dedicated to working hard, educating themselves, and teaching others.

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They demonstrated this by teaching night school, creating a club for improvement, launching a school, and using money towards learning.

Booker T was always striving to spread education. Especially for the African Americans that were previously enslaved. He did so by teaching a night school. The night school was for the African Americans that could not afford the books or requirements for attending a regular school. He notes there was a crowd every night willing to come in and learn, ranging from all ages. He loved spending time educating others, out of kindness and generosity. Booker T quotes, “I never taught pupils who gave me such genuine satisfaction as these did. They were so much in earnest that only the ringing of the bell make them stop studying.” (Washington 110). This shows us both Washington’s, and his student’s importance of education. Washington is teaching them in order to live their lives to their fullest potential, while the students are understanding and gladly retaining his teaching.

Benjamin Franklin loved education and learning new things. Due to his interest, he created Club Junto. Club Junto was Benjamin Franklin’s club, along with his friends. The club was used to debate morals, politics. and exchange knowledge. Franklin quotes, “I had formed most of my ingenious acquaintances into a club of mutual improvement, which we call the Junto; we met on Friday evenings.” (Franklin 45). This shows Franklin’s dedication for education. Education is so important to Franklin he organized his own group. Not just to help himself, but to progress with everyone included. Although Franklin is a grown man during this time, he does not let his age differ his strive for learning.

Booker T Washington really cared for his community. He worried for about the growth of education within his people. He wanted to spread education to everybody. Due to that, he formed his own school out of an abandoned plantation called “Tuskegee.” After the launch of his school, he felt lots of joy. Washington quotes, “Since the work at Tuskegee started, it had been my privilege to receive many gifts for the benefit of the institution, but never any I think has touched me so deeply as this one. (Washington 138). This is demonstrating the generosity of his community towards Washington. They love and appreciate what he is doing for them. This also shows Washington’s humbleness towards his people and that he loves spreading his education to others.

Benjamin Franklin was always trying to improve himself all throughout his life, in order to be a better person for himself. Due to this, he created thirteen virtues for him to follow at all costs. Franklins thirteen virtues were, Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, and Chastity. His purpose for these was for him to get into a habit of doing them. Franklin quotes “My intention being to acquire the habitude of all these virtues, I judged it would be well not to distract my attention by attempting the whole at once, but to fix it of them at a time; and, when I should be master of that, then proceed to another, and so on, till I should.” (Franklin 144). This is demonstrating Benjamin’s strive for not just school education, but personal education. He is following his virtues in order to gain a habit of doing so because he knows it is important to strive to be a better person.

Growing up, Benjamin Franklin has always had an attraction to education. He always thought of it as a main priority. Every dollar, every penny, every cent, he would earn would be spent on books and education. Franklin quotes, “From a child I was fond of reading, all the little money that came into my hands was all laid out into books.” This shows his mindset to education at an early age. He never thought of education as something you can choose to have, he thought of education as a top priority for being a person.

Why is education important? Education is an important element in life. Education has extreme importance because it lets us know that is happening in the world around us. Education gives us the ability to think and depend on ourselves rather than others. Benjamin Franklin and Booker T Washington are good examples on why education is important. Benjamin Franklin grew up learning and teaching himself on his own time and spending all of his money into learning. As he began educating himself and growing older, he found himself writing books, creating inventions, and much more. Booker T Washington had a disadvantage as an African American in his time, but he did not let that stop him. Coming up from slavery, he traveled long distances just to go to school. He began educating himself, then moving on to educating others that were in his same position, making it easier for them. Due to his love for teaching he created his own school, moving on from teaching little portions of people at a night school, to teaching ranges of ages at a school he launched himself. Education is important. Education will get people to places they never thought were possible. Booker T Washington and Benjamin Franklin are perfect examples of why education should not be taken for granted.”

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