Tattoo Art Methods and Materials on Tattoo Art

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Tattoo Art is a type of body modification. This type of art involves putting permanent words or pictures onto your skin. To do this, the ink must be injected under the surface of the skin by piercing it with a multiple tiny needles at once. The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian “”tatu”” which means “”to mark something.”” It is claimed that tattooing had been around since 12,000 BC. The earliest tattoos were found in Egypt. When Egypt expanded, tattoos clearly did as well.

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The countries of Crete, Greece, Persia, and Arabia learned this art form and expanded it even larger. Tattooing is known to be a form of expression for people. It could be words that have an important meaning to them, a drawing or animal that has a special meaning, or something that is what you could say a memoir of someone you were close to.

There is not a large amount of materials required for tattooing. One of the materials is a thermal copier. This piece of equipment allows the tattoo artist to make a copy of the exact tattoo that the client wants. They use this to place on the skin as an outline for where they will be tattooing. Another material needed is of course a tattoo machine. These are normally called tattoo guns. This is the machine that the tattoo artist uses to actually apply the tattoo to your skin. This machine makes the needle move so the ink is injected into your skin. One material is tattoo needles. These are places on the tip of the tattoo machine. They are mostly used in groups. These needles help the tattoo artist shade or create lines. You absolutely have to have tattoo ink. You cannot get a tattoo if you don’t have the ink. This comes in all different shades you could ever think of wanting on your body. This is what will be placed on the tip of the needle that is injected into your skin. You also need flash designs. Flash designs are tattoos that are just standard and plain that a customer could possibly base their tattoo off of when they don’t know exactly what they want. Usually, these are placed in frames on the walls of the tattoo shop you would go or in a small book. You will need tattoo power supplies. This connects the tattoo machine to a power source to be able to control the amount of power the tattoo artist is using. You will also need a tattoo chair. The customer will sit in this. It is made so that the customer will be comfortable due to having to sit in one exact position for a long period of time. Other necessities that are not actually part of the tattooing are things like disposable razors, latex gloves, ink cups, ink cup holders, gauze, tape, and lotion. The razor is used to shave the hair off the part of the body you will get tattooed on. The ink cup is what the tattoo artist will place the tattoo ink in. The ink cup holders is what the tattoo artist places the ink cups in to make sure they do not get spilt. The gauze, tape, and lotion is used for after the tattoo is complete. You use this to cover the tattoo to keep it from getting infected.

The very first step to getting a tattoo is to know exactly what you are going to be getting permanently put on your body. Once you have given it to the tattoo artist, they will prepare a a stencil of what you want and then place it through the thermal copier. Then the tattoo artist will disinfect the area in which you are getting the tattoo and use a disposable razor to remove the hair from that area. They will use petroleum jelly to keep the skin moist while you are getting your tattoo. This is when the actual tattooing process will begin. They will take the clean needle and place it inside the machine and put the color ink you want onto the tip. The first thing the artist will do is outline your tattoo. The artist will use clean paper towels or tissue paper to clean the area that is being worked on. The tattoo artist will then move onto coloring, and shading, depending on if you just wanted black or if you are getting a colored tattoo. Now the coloring and shading process does take time, depending on how detailed you wanted, so don’t plan much more for that day. There are times when you have to have multiple sessions depending on how detailed your tattoo is. Once the tattoo artist is done, they will let you check to make sure it is what you wanted. Once you have approved the tattoo, the artist will disinfect the area and apply an ointment. The final part of tattooing is the bandaging. A tattoo is a wound that has to heal. They have to cover your tattoo so it will not get disinfected. There you have it. You then have your tattoo!

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