Three Reasons why you should and should not Get a Tattoo

You won’t regret the ink I would like to discuss three reasons why you should and should not get a tattoo. Tattoos are considered a form of expression that people get on various places of their body for their own personal satisfaction. They are popular among young people and musicians while older individuals have increasingly joined the wave of getting them.

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One of the first reasons people should get a tattoo is because it is a way to express yourself through art. People can express themselves by getting symbols which have significant meaning to them or they can get a tattoo that symbolizes a loved one, alive or deceased. Since a person’s body belongs to them, it is their personal canvas to do whatever they would like in terms of self expression where a tattoo emphasizes and validates that. Another reason to get a tattoo is that lasts a lifetime. A person can literally wear their memories forever. When a person gets a tattoo that has meaning, it will always be with them and they can always have that memory. Lastly, people should get a tattoo because it will make you stand out and be unique from the crowd. People can compliment you on how creative or meaningful your tattoo is based on the color and/or design of it.

It starts interesting conversations as people will often ask why you go that symbol or that name and can start relationship building. While there are good reasons to get a tattoo, there are downsides to getting one as well. First, if you were to get a tattoo in certain areas that are visible you might run the risk of not getting hired based on the company’s policy around tattoos. For instance, having a tattoo on your face might not sit well with the employer looking to hire a sales representative because you are representing their brand. Another reason not to get a tattoo is that it lasts a lifetime. Now I previously mentioned that having a tattoo with meaning could be a good memory but having a tattoo that you might regret is bad as well. For instance, people in relationships will get each other’s names on them only to breakup and have that person’s name to look at forever which is not good if you move on to another relationship. You also run the risk of changing your mind about having tattoos as what once was cool when you were young has now changed as you get older.

Finally, the reason why you should not get a tattoo is that you do not know your tattoos artist. Not knowing whether their equipment is sterilized could run you the risk of contracting an infection or disease such as hepatitis or HIV. Not knowing the tattoo’s artist could run you the risk of not getting the tattoo you asked for as there have been various horror stories of misspellings and wrong tattoo designs done by tattoo artists. In conclusion, getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment that you should think about before taking the plunge and getting that permanent ink. To be unique and standout amongst the crowd is great and often times helps people express themselves through art, but nothing lasts forever. Your way of thinking changes, goals change, and perspectives change as well. With increasing health risks, you should think about whether a tattoo is best for you.

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