Strong and Furious Leader

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Strong and Furious Leader

Leadership comes in many styles. A strong and furious leader often displays unwavering determination, a drive for results, and an intense passion for their vision. While such leadership can achieve swift results, it may also pose challenges in terms of team dynamics and long-term sustainability. This topic probes the characteristics, benefits, and pitfalls of this leadership style. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Beowulf topic.

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Beowulf, a strong and furious leader, is determined to keep his land safe. Beowulf was one of the most furious leaders of his time. He fought monsters and dragons alike, for fellow countries. Although the epic poem and the movie have similarities, the differences between the two are amazing.

Beowulf arrived in Denmark and everyone was skeptical of his defeat of Grendel. Beowulf, a strong hero, arrives in Denmark in the face of a watcher. As he arrives the Danes are skeptical of his coming.

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In the text and film alike, Beowulf declares he will kill the monster and bring peace back to Herot. As told in the film, the Danes partied every night. It never failed, Grendel would come. However, in the text, Hrothgar’s men had slept in Herot for many years. They posed no parties, no laughing, no joy, but Grendel still came.

The battle with Grendel was simple for Beowulf. However the battle with Grendel’s mother was a struggle for the almighty Beowulf. The battle with Grendel in the film was completely different from the text. In the film, Beowulf fights with no armour and ask his men to sing to luere Grendel to him. However, in the text, Grendel comes while the men are sleeping and Beowulf has his mail shirt. His men also do not help but were ready if needed. In the film they ran to help as soon as Grendel came. After Beowulf kills Grendel, he had one more task. To kill Grendel’s mother.

The battle with Grendel’s mother was completely different in the film and the text as well. In the text, Grendel’s mother forcefully grabbed Beowulf trying to put her claws through the mail shirt. Throughout the battle, Beowulf swung his sword but cut through her evil skin. Finally Beowulf spotted a sword hammered by giants and struck her neck, cutting her head off. The film portrayed this differently. In the film, Beowulf goes to her home with the horn given to him by Hrothgar. Grendel’s mother told Beowulf that if she possessed the horn he would be king forever. He gave into the demons pressure and did not fulfill his promise. He was the king of Denmark.

Higlac’s son, Beowulf, who’d ruled his kingdom for fifty winters. Before a dragon burned his land. According to the text, Beowulf was the King of Geatland for fifty winters before the dragon struck Denmark. In hopes to safe the Danes one last time, he and Wiglaf fought the dragon but Beowulf had seen his last of many battles.

The dragon struck his neck sending venom rushing through his body. Beowulf fought to his death and died a fateful death. In the film, Beowulf the King of Denmark, ruled for fifty winters. The dragon struck his land because Grendel’s mother no longer posed the Horn. Beowulf was determined to save his people one last time. In the text the dragon was high in a tower Beowulf and Wiglaf defeated him. In the film, the dragon strikes Denmark not once, but twice. Beowulf killed the dragon alone and fought his last battle saving his people.

The epic poem and the movie have many similarities, but the differences are amazing. Beowulf was a strong leader and arrived in Denmark to defeat a monster. He bravely killed both Grendel and his mother for a country that was not his home. Lastly, Beowulf, a king for fifty winters, saved his land one last time. Beowulf was a great warrior who strived for fame. Even if in would cost him his life.

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