Grendel’s Mother Illustrates

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Updated: Oct 24, 2019
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Grendel’s Mother Illustrates essay

There are three very complex monsters in the poem. Grendel’s mother is the symbol of Cain from the Bible. Grendel symbolizes man’s sin and greed. Grendel is the monster from Hell. God condemned him because of Cain and Abel. Grendel has the kindom under his control. Grendel appreance is odd looking. Beowulf then rescues the kingdom from Grendel, and therefore from their actions of their gluttony. The dragon represents evil. The dragon is represents the seperent and could be thught of as the Devil.

Grendel’s mother illustrates rage and vengefulness after her son’s death. Therefore, she is a threat after Beowulf kills her son. She then begins grief stricken killing. Grendel’s mother is very vindictive. She’s determine to kill Beowulf. Once her son was killed; she becomes as fierce as her son. She is determined to get revenge for her son’s death, thus exhibiting a strong maternal instinct. She too, is a descendent of Cain, the bible’s first murderer.

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Therefore, she is immediately connected with evil. Grendel’s mother lives in a mere. A mere, by defintion is a body of water or lake. In beating Grendel’s mother, Beowulf sets aside his own warriors’ vengeful nature and realizes that there is no honor in killing out of rage. The dragon embodies greed.Only starts torching villages after treasure is stolen. Defeating the Dragon represents Beowulf and Wiglaf overcoming the evil of greed. Beowulf asks Wiglaf to bring him the treasure they won from the dragon to see that he had done some good in winning it for his kingdom. He then asks Wiglaf to become king and use the treasure for the good of the kingdom.Wiglaf honors Beowulf by burying the treasure with him in his tomb. That shows he has a good quality.

There are many values of Anglo Saxon culture revealed through Beowulf. First, in Beowulf’s story they valued courage and strength while in battle.This is why Beowulf is great in his culture, he is the best slayer of monsters. He is so brave that he even fights Grendel unarmed. That was something that was unheard of in that time.

Anglo-Saxons values at the time,that was portrayed in Beowulf, were perseverance, hospitality, bravery, honor, truth, loyalty and duty. The most important characteristic to Anglo-Saxons was loyalty. The kings expected their subjects to have loyalty over anything. They would travel all over far and near. Therefore, loyalty was believed to be a very important belief in the Anglo-Saxon culture. The people of the time lived close to bodies of water because it was easliy accessible by boat. Boats were the main mode of transportation.

In conclusion, Beowulf had great qualities of a colossal hero. His heroism is because he never thinks of himself first. He has great physical strength. Beowulf also he stopped Grendel from killing any more of Hrothgar’s men. Beowulf kills Grendal’s mother with a sword. Beowulf preformed serveral courageous deeds, risk his life for the greater good of everyone. He is glorified by all people. Beowulf would always put others first even if it meant putting himself in danger. Beowulf is hero because he fought and won many battles. His last battle he had the upper hand but he was still killed. The dragon’s vemon killed him after he was bitten.

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