“The Goonies” and the Hero’s Journey

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Goonies is a brilliant story about how a small group of kids overcome obstacles to find one eyed willy and his ship where he hid his fortune over three decades ago.The goonies believe that one eyed willy is the first goonie. The goonies are a group of misfits, nobodies, the nerds and losers who are all best friends.

The theme of this extravagant movie is teamwork. In every situation, the Goonies need to some emotional and physical teamwork. The outside world pressures their everyday lives, relying on each other is a critical part of this movie .

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In order to successfully navigate through the caves, the Goonies rely on each other to get them out of every situation. The movie takes place in Astoria, Oregon, in Mikey’s house where the house faces the fear of foreclosure due to the plans of the new golf course. The Goonies embark on their adventure through a hidden door that leads to secretive caves under Fratelli’s restaurant. In order to not only bong with his friends and save his house, Mikey embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

The plot of this movie contains action, comedy, suspense and drama. In addition, the movie is filled with scares and heart pounding moments that captivate the viewer. Once the Goonies find one eyed Willy’s gems, the team rushes to make it out of the caves and save the foreclosed house.

Threshold pays an important part of this movie do to the amazing help from The Sloth, a huge 6’7 grown man who is physically disabled. His back story was that when he was born his mother dropped him and when he got older his mom did not want him. So from then on he lives inside of the cave. When these group of heroic kids are on a quest to find the skull they unfortunately run into these guys who want to take the skull key from them. Chunk needs to earn sloth’s trust in order to acquire his friendship to help the fellow goonies along the journey. Another significant role in teamwork.

Mikey’s the only Goonie who doesn’t seem to be having second thoughts. Chunk, Data and Mouth are getting a little tired of the same old Goonie adventures, Brand has been charged with keeping Mikey at home and doesn’t want to risk getting grounded, and Andy and Stef unofficial Goonies for nowhere just along for the ride.

Mikey is the motivator of the the group, when the group starts saying that “It’s not worth it there has to be other ways to save the house”. Mikey keeps convincing them that it’s worth it and the only they are going to earn enough money to pay for the house. Mikey with his group of friends starts off by going into his attic and finds the map to save their dads house. On this map was the directions to the giant skull that has the jewels in it. From there they went to for fratelli’s restaurant and found a secret hatch that leaded them to the tunnels. On their way they ran into a few troubles such as chunk being left behind and captured by the mama fratelli. However the struggle that chunk was left behind Mikey still had the bravery and courage to continue on through the caves with the rest of the Goonies in order to find the jewels to save their families house from foreclosure due to the new installment of the golf course.

After escaping from the cave that contains Willy’s ship, returning home the goonies make their way back to shore, and only consider themselves safe once they’re back in the arms of their families.

This is truly the best hero’s journey movie out there, just the suspense and comical thrilling adventure these kids take on. A small group of friends creates the ultimate call of adventure for themselves and to prove that their something to others.

My analysis will show the following plot points of the film. First establishing the group background by describing the characters and plot points in The Goonies. By following the map’s directions, they come upon a worn down restaurant owned by the Untrustworthy Fratelli family. They make their way down to the basement after the Fratelli’s leave, and discover a counterfeit money machine, victim of a murder, and a hallway to the “One-eyed” Willy’s underground tunnels. By this time two of Brandon’s friends show up and join the group on their adventure. Chunk did not go and stayed at the restaurant so he could send help while the others traveled the many tunnels in the great search of the secret treasure.

Threshold pays an important role in the film. When chunk gets captured by the fratelli’s family he ends up next sloth, terrified of the monster he’s sitting next to. Sloth is chained to the wall and is watching the cooking channel while saying chocolate, so chunk gets the idea that maybe sloth wants a chocolate bar so he throws the bar and sloth rips the chains off the wall, soon realizes chunk sort of saved him and helps chunk rescue his friends from the fratelli family. Chunk uses the idea of teamwork with sloth. Continuing on the gang continues on to find one eyed willy.

Data he’s an interesting character in this film she is a half spy half inventor who creates Gadgets in order to escape and the fratelli’s family from getting to The Goonies position along the way. In the film he was using slick oil shoes a spring loaded punching fist and pinchers of peril. Doing anything in his power to get away from the two brothers that were trying to steal the gems for themselves.

Mouth he’s been given this name due to the fact that he does not stop talking. It could be Good in some situations or bad situations. For instance he was talking too much in the wrong part of town and was arrested and was in the negotiating room. Another example is the map that Mikey found in his attic in spanish and mouth is the only kid in the group who speaks spanish so he guides the group telling them which way is where what left and right is how far what you need to do to complete the tasks and lookout for the booby traps. It’s always good to have a foreign language speaker in your friend group. Mouth may seem like the wrong guy to be the best in every situation, to be honest he’s not but what he is good for is making deals and stalling with his mouth which shows a great character of teamwork.

The fratelli’s family is the most fearsome crime family in Oregon they consist of Mam and Three Brothers and have absolutely no remorse for anybody. The mom wasn’t a very good parent towards one of their sons his name is Lotney sloth he was dropped three times as a kid mentally and physically challenged but he calls himself Superman. The cave which consists of the skull chest that contains gems that The Goonies are going after are located underneath the restaurant so they think the gems are theirs so they go after The Goonies in order to obtain these gems that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As well as threatening The Goonies that they will kill them unless they give them the gems.

The main idea in The Goonies is teamwork; therefore each goonie has there own skill set. all working together for the same final goal. Although they run into the Fratelli’s and are hunted down for the treasure they seek. The goonies share one thing in common, friendship. There would be no goonies without the support of each and everyone. By the great teamwork of Mouth, Mikey, Chunk and Data they pulled this adventure right out of Indiana Jones’ satchel. This movie grabs the attention of all ages. This inspires all watchers, no matter what age. Everyone can go out with their friends and explore, find, and take risks together and have fun. Like the famous quote “Teamwork makes Dreams work,” the Goonies would be fruitless without their team.

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