Should the Death Penalty be Legal in all Fifty States?

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Updated: Apr 16, 2020
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Should the Death Penalty be Legal in all Fifty States? essay

The death penalty dates back to the eighteenth century which was for 25 specific crimes. The first recorded American death due to the death penalty was a spy for Spain in 1608 located in Jamestown Virginia(DPIC). In, 1612 the Virginia governor opened up the death penalty for minor crimes such as stealing grapes(DPIC). In, 1684 Michigan became the first state to abolish the death penalty and many states and countries followed behind. During, the 1960s it was brought to the attention that it was a cruel and unusual punishment which was unconstitutional(DPIC). The death penalty should be legal in all 50 states because it deters bad people to commit heinous crimes, it is safe and humane, and the government should not be paying for criminals of heinous crimes to live in prison forever.First, By legalizing the death penalty in all fifty states it would deter terrible people to commit such horrendous crimes such as murder and rape. If, people were to face capital punishment then less of these crimes would be committed because people are afraid to actually die.

The criminals that partake in these crimes are afraid to face such punishment and would think twice before committing the crimes. Also, the offender of the crimes’ story will get out to the public and potential criminals which would discourage them due to the possibility of facing the same penalty. There are criminals that are not afraid to rape and murder again just because they know that they will just be thrown in prison again. Those are the types of people who are a disgrace and cannot be changed therefore capital punishment would be protecting Americans from those types of people. Next, capital punishment should be brought to all of America because it is a safe and humane way of getting rid of criminals. Death by lethal injection is a pain-free way of dying and less of a mess afterward compared to public hangings or stoning. Although, capital punishment was created to not be humane throughout the years the methods have changed in order for it to be as humane as possible. Death by lethal injection takes approximately 7 minutes to die ;therefore, you would not be suffering or have to worry about something going wrong(crime museum).

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Where, leaving someone in prison for some crimes that are approved for death penalty such as rape could lead to the prisoner being tortured and killed by other inmates. In some cases, some people may find this more effective so the convict can get what he deserves but it is a safer and more humane way to give him a shot, so he does not have to suffer and deal with other inmates punishments. Finally, the government should not have to pay for these criminals for the rest of their lives while they are in jail. Most people believe this is a waste of tax money because the number of incarcerated criminals is going up, and we the people have to pay to supply them food and necessities for the rest of their life which is a waste and unfair. Although, lethal injection is more expensive based on the other option of rotting in prison it can save money in the long run because that is fewer people you have to worry about and more resources that you are opening up. America and the taxpayers are in debt so eliminating them would potentially lower the amount of debt for both because it is less money that we are having to pay. Also, Americans do not think their hard earned money should go toward these type people because they do not deserve to be taken care of so well because they are terrible people and deserve to be punished ,instead, of rewarded for what they have done.

In conclusion, the death penalty should be legalized in all fifty states because innocent people should not be paying for criminals to be living in jail, it is safe and humane compared to how it was carried out years ago, and by scaring other criminals it will protect more citizens and make them not become victims. Although, these crimes will still be committed by some it is believed that opening up the death penalty in every state will bring down the percent of the crimes.

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