Sex Trafficking: a Contemporary Slavery

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Sex trafficking is one of the contemporary slavery that is emerging in western countries especially in the United States. It is the act where people or rather individuals engage in commercial sex by employing the use of coercion, fraud, and force. The victims of this proclaimed activity are majorly minors below the age of 18. The minors are considered to be victims of the same regardless of the use of coercion, fraud or even force.  The sex traffickers in most cases target their victims and once spotted, they either apply the use of lies, false promises, debt bondage, violence, threats alongside other forms of manipulation used to control and keep victims engaged into the sex industry majorly for their profit.

Sex trafficking is common in some avenues and businesses through which the activity is facilitated without the consent of the law enforcement officers (Cecchet et al. 482). The most common kinds of venues and avenues through which sex trafficking occurs include escort services, truck stops, hotels and motels, strip clubs the most common and fake massage businesses alongside many other avenues.  From history, sex trafficking took many other forms and however with the improved technology, this activity has taken a completely new dimension. Sex trafficking has become a very complex multifaceted sensation involving some stakeholders. The market demand in line with this phenomenon has changed and a huge market for commercial sex alongside cheap labor has drastically increased forcing the dirty-handed cartels to get into the business hence making money out of the poor young women with no option but instead, opt for the same as a means of escaping a threat or any other form of intimidation.

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In the United States, it was never thought that an American could trade a fellow American in sex trafficking. The paper seeks to analyze the crime of sex trafficking as it is currently in the United States persuading the responsible parties to take charge of this activity and rescue the young, poor women who are tied or rather turned to slaves in the same course by combatting crime.

The federal government in the last few years have overlooked and completely assumed the human trafficking issue. Statistics show that approximately twenty thousand women and children find themselves being victims of this dirty crime yearly and this happens either knowingly or unknowingly (Go?dziakk et al. 3). In as much as some cases, victims get into agreement with the business owners and trade for the same but that does not correct the wrong which is sex trafficking neither does it change the name of the phenomenon?  In many cases, once the young ladies are shipped for trade, their parents in most cases fail to hear anything about the victims hence very little of their existence. Some people often think these are things that only happens in foreign countries but the fact is, these activities are everywhere and in the present day, due to the activity being rampant, many people have been awakened.

From the statistics available in the United States Department of State human sex trafficking is the process where an individual “holds another person in compelled service.” The United States was first ranked as one of the countries where this activity is common in the year 2010. This is a clear show that this activity has been neglected for quite a long period even though it had been in existence since time immemorial (Go?dziak et al. 5). This practice has been an evil perpetrated against humanity and to be precise, women. In some developing countries, the level of poverty sex trafficking became an alternative for the money hungry citizens. Sex traffickers benefit a lot from the activity, and it is estimated that these people are making millions of dollars simply by taking advantage of desperate and vulnerable women. The major perpetrators of this trade have been men and especially the rich men versus the female victims.

The boom experienced in sex trade over the years has lured some organized crime networks with some formed with the main reason being to recruit women and very young girls into this activity.  In some developing countries especially those in Africa, political corruption, poverty and government insensitiveness to their citizens has made money hungry citizens to seek greener pastures by which some young ladies and women get coerced to the sex trafficking business (Greenbaum et al. 4). The business is said to be thriving because of the excessive amount of profits that is attributed to the act of being involved in the trade. According to research and report that was done by the United Nations, it is approximated that all activities attributed to sex trafficking bags in between 8-10 billion dollars every year.  It is said that this falls in number three right after arms and narcotics dealings. Additionally, transportation of human cargo overseas and across the borders is particularly much easier than doing drugs and arms without seizer by the law enforcement officers.

The business is more lucrative looking at it economically since dealing with human beings in as much as the trade is illegal, is much easier than dealing with drugs and arms. The victims of sex trafficking make the business more beneficial since the women can always be reused and even transported again to various parts of the world provided their health conditions remain perfect and undeterred. Worsening the case trafficking is very dangerous and risky. The victims for recrimination and retaliation from different backgrounds or rather families are often afraid of bearing witnesses to the known traffickers (Greenbaum et al. 9). This is major because the people involved in such kinds of trade are usually very big people in government or known cartels across the country upon, which he or she comes from and even overseas and this makes them be in a very easy position of ruthless retaliation.

It is fundamental that we should be aware of the fact that trafficking as an attendant of human rights violation in some cases has a lot of consequences on the victim’s life. Women who have once in their lives been trafficked often suffer from serious and dangerous mental and health consequences on the life of the victim. As well, the traffickers also suffer from trauma, extreme physical abuse alongside physical exhaustion. Since the activity is one that involves the use of physicality, at times, the victims suffer from serious physical problems like burns, bruises, concussions, and broken bones and injuries consistent of assault (Varma et al. 99). The injuries without mincing words at times become so serious that they may lead to long-term health complications.

Based on the discussion portrayed in the paper, it would only be possible to secure the oppressed if the authority would acquire the necessary training needed to track the drug traffickers with details of how the business is done and the possible ways through which victims on transit can be identified. Once this is done, local, state law enforcement and the federal law enforcement officers can have a better chance of putting to an end this evil business. In most cases, it becomes pretty hard for the official authorities to identify the victims of this crime since it is not possible to tell just from looking and the victims are also intimidated to the extent that they cannot possibly show any sign of being in trouble even though that might be the case.  This makes everything hard hence the victims get criminalized and later released back to the hands of the criminals performing the act of trafficking them after their mission is accomplished (Varma et al. 100). At times, it becomes so unfortunate since some of the victims especially the ones showing signs of being mischievous get killed after providing sex to the interested parties.

Backpage is one of the known sites that have suffered the wrath of the law enforcement officers back in the year 2011. It was the second largest classified listings that existed in the United States after Craiglist. The Company however messed up when they started offering adult stuff in a subsection categorically meant for adults. This became quite controversial since the company encouraged and allowed users to past human trafficking and prostitution-related adverts especially those that involved minors. Some court cases followed after that leading to the arrest of the CEO and other employees of the company hence leading to them removing the adult section.

In summary, human trafficking is an issue if not a controversy that remains disturbing in the present world. It is unfortunate that people involved in this business do not see the bigger picture of the whole stuff but instead, are concerned about the financial benefit of the industry. History stands to judge everybody despite the social class or position you hold in the society.  Wrong will always remain a wrong even if it is done in the night and so, we should always try to do to others what we can be comfortable with if the same happens to our lives.

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