Combating Human Trafficking

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Combating Human Trafficking

Tackling human trafficking requires multi-pronged efforts that involve legal measures, international cooperation, awareness campaigns, and victim support. This topic explores strategies employed globally and locally, best practices, successes, and the ongoing challenges in ensuring a world free from trafficking. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Human Rights topic.

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Human trafficking is a problem that affects every country in the world, big or small. This practice has become very popular throughout the world because of labor needs and the want to have sex. People are frequently needed to perform labor and a lot of people struggle to meet their sexual needs and as a result they turn to human trafficking to get their fix. While the majority of people in the world recognize that this is a serious global issue, it’s very difficult to combat because there is no one simple solution to address the problem.

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People view human trafficking differently throughout the world, for example most Americans realize it is wrong and should be outlawed however people in other countries consider it to be a normal and acceptable practice. Human trafficking has been very difficult to combat because of a lack of education and values throughout the world, the high levels of poverty found in the world, and the profit that can be made off of this practice.

Educating people throughout the world about human trafficking and why it should be outlawed is one of the most important steps in controlling this problem. Through education, the values of each country can hopefully improve and reduce the impact of human trafficking. The majority of people engaging in human trafficking, both the culprits and victims, are uneducated individuals who hardly understand the seriousness of this practice. Throughout the world, millions of women are systematically discriminated against, denied education and employment, beaten, and treated as male sexual property (Kara 2010). This lack of education prevents people who engage in this practice from realizing that it is not acceptable and should not be considered a norm anywhere in the world. In many places throughout the world, people believe that it is in the nature of males to view females as inferior and therefore not give them the respect they deserve. This belief must change in order for people to take human trafficking serious because if females are not given equal respect, most people won’t realize that these victims are humans with feelings as well. One example of this comes from the textbook when the author discussed a Moldovan fast food advertisement stating that boys will be boys, which portrayed three boys carrying off a young girl. This advertisement shows just how acceptable and normal this is in other parts of the world. Human trafficking has went on for thousands of years and many cultures have found it to be an acceptable practice. For instance, from Moldova to Albania to Nepal to Thailand, rural women were regularly abused by men and local laws against domestic violenceif there were anywere not enforced at all (Kara 2010). These long held values and lack of education have given people the idea that this practice is acceptable when in reality it is not and these individuals should reconsider their beliefs on this issue.

Poverty is a global issue that impacts everyone throughout the world in some way or another. Along with poverty, comes many other underlying problems. One area that poverty has shown to affect is human trafficking. In some of the most poverty stricken areas in the world, human trafficking has become a very serious problem. Many individuals living in poverty see human trafficking as a way of making money whether as a slave or committing crimes to provide and meet their needs. Living in America, we don’t have a great gauge for how serious poverty is throughout the world. For example, In Bihar, there is a murder every two hours, a rape every six hours, and a bank is looted each day (Kara 2010). In an environment like Bihar, there is little to no opportunity to make money so people are forced to turn to criminal activity. Some have argued that America is to blame for the high levels of poverty currently found in the world, economic globalization unleashes catastrophic increases in poverty levels and civil strife, most directly in Central and Eastern Europe and East Asia (Kara 2010). These are now some of the most prevalent areas for human trafficking and living in America we are somewhat naive to what is taking place overseas. Minimizing the effects that poverty has on human trafficking will not be a simple problem to address. The long-term abolition of sex trafficking and all other forms of contemporary slavery will require an elevation in global efforts to eradicate extreme poverty, as well as the reconception of economic globalization.. (Kara 2010). Poverty is a major contributor to human trafficking and one of the leading reasons that it continues to thrive. As long as we have poverty in the world, human trafficking will continue to thrive.

The amount of money flowing through the human trafficking industry is in the billions with no plans of slowing down. This industry has become a major source of revenue for a lot of criminals throughout the world, however some countries also profit off of this practice. While human trafficking is illegal in every country, some countries actually profit from the practice and therefore are less likely to enforce the rules against it. For instance, many victims of human trafficking will send home any money they make to their home country. These remittances have also become crucial to the survival of the governments of developing nations, which tax up to 25 percent of the remittances (Kara 2010). The human trafficking industry is no different from any other for profit business in the world, there is a demand for the service and people are willing to pay, especially when it comes to sex slaves. There could be no sex-slave industry without male demand for commercial sex (Kara 2010). The profits made off of this industry are major and until we are able to reduce the number of people profiting from this practice, it will be hard to eliminate.

Human trafficking is a global issue that affects millions of people’s lives. There have been many efforts made throughout the world to combat this issue, however, we have not seen a lot of success. In order for this issue to be addressed, it will require a lot of time and money and unfortunately not enough people are concerned with this problem to give their time or money. Human trafficking has been very difficult to combat because of a lack of education and values throughout the world, the high levels of poverty found in the world, and the profit that can be made off of this practice.

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