Boycott Booker : “Cast down your Bucket where you Are”

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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“Cast down your bucket where you are,” a statement of betrayal by Booker T Washington during the Atlanta Compromise(Washington). His message to black America was they did not need the right to vote or to integrate, they just needed to keep to themselves and maintain the typical role of African Americans during that time period(Coates). As a nation, we need a president who strives for the best America, who works hard and goes above and beyond expectations to guide all Americans toward equality.

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Booker T Washington is content with ordinary and has questionable motives, so consequently if elected he will be a pathetic president. Boycott Booker!

First off, Booker T had questionable motives when striving for equality during the late 1800s and the early 1900s. It’s clear that Washington truly didn’t think there was any reason to end segregation or advocate for more rights. So, why was he involved in civil rights if he didn’t believe in it? For power, for money, and for fame. Most black students couldn’t afford the Tuskegee Institute’s tuition, therefore they participated in a variety of industrial occupations offered at the school(Croom). From those who could pay, Washington earned money, and from those who couldn’t he received free manual labor. Although others glorified Washington’s achievements, he truly didn’t make much progress in civil rights. Washington gave the illusion that he wanted equal rights, but in truth, he didn’t, clearly, he had ulterior motives. The nation has no need for a deceiving man like Booker T Washington.

Most importantly Booker T Washington settles at mediocre. The Atlanta Compromise is a perfect instance of this, rather than continuing to fight for essential human rights like suffrage and to end segregation Washington simply gave up(Coates). A critic of Washington, W.E.B. DuBois wrote in The Souls of Black Folk, “Booker T. Washington arose as essentially the leader not of one race but of two,—a compromiser between the South, the North, and the Negro,”. Civil rights leader Dubois explained that Washington didn’t advocate for African Americans, he was rather a mediator between Southern, Northern and African American people(DuBois). The nation needs a leader who will powerfully advocate for all Americans, including minorities. America has never been ordinary like Washington. America is extraordinary, powerful, hardworking, and persistent, therefore Americans can’t settle for an awfully average leader like Booker T Washington.

Conclusively, the nation needs a leader who advocates for the underprivileged and fights for all Americans. Someone who doesn’t back down, is persistent and will do whatever it takes to satisfy America’s needs and rights. Washington accepted racism and inequality in his Atlanta Compromise speech(Coates). Although Washington made little racial equality progress he became known as a trailblazer and a “man ahead of his time”(Noel). He lacks the persistence to work through tough times and succeed. Booker T Washington is not the right choice for president because he is content as average and had ulterior motives when striving for racial equality. Join the Roosevelt Revolution!

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