Scene between Rachael and Deckard in Blade Runner

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Blade Runner

In Blade runner (1982) there was a scene between Rachael and Deckard. It was the romantic scene between them. Before the opening of the scene, Deckard was looking Zhora and shot after she found it. At the beginning of the scene, Deckard and Rachael go to his apartment. He started drinking, feeling tired and laid down on his couch. Rachael plays the piano as Deckard falls asleep. She wore grey outfit with large flat shoulder pads, similar to her black work dress. As she sits at the piano, she lets down her hair, changing her facial appearance and making her look much more natural. He compliments her playing and tried to kiss her. Rachel attempts to leave when he leans in to kiss her. She leaves him starts to open the door, but Deckard makes up to her and forcefully slams the door with his shut clench hand, with an exceptional look of purpose of his face. He pushes her into a wall, and changes his level of power as he gradually and tenderly conveys his hands to her face before kissing her.The scene is beautiful in terms of passion. I think there is an argument to be made that the scene is likely attempting a certain level of emotional complexity here.

Rachael was replicant but she look like same as humans. She had the memories of her creator niece embedded in her mind, persuading that she is really human. The replicants in Blade Runner are almost identical to human, they can make their own decision even they emotions also. Like in Rachael and Deckard scene he tried to kiss her but she was not comfortable to kiss him. When they kiss each other the romantic song was playing, lights were dim .while kissing the expression on her face initially fearful. According to this scene it seems that Rachael and Deckard are both overcome with passion. But she was resisting because she cannot trust her emotion. When he forced her to kiss him, she refused but he literally holds her hostage until she agrees to give it up. I thinkthe Deckard that did with Rachael was not right, because when She tried to leave and he forcefully stops her and corners her, then does something that’s pretty difficult to distinguish from intimidating her into giving consent. In real life, if a woman tries to escape your sexual advances, it’s not because you have  stirred up uncomfortable passions within her, it’s because she’s uncomfortable with your sexual advances.

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