The Film Blade Runner Overview

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The movie frequently directs our attention to eyes in various dimensions. For instance, the file begins with a close-up of an eye which reflects a devilish landscape below. Also, Tyrell gets killed by a Roy who forces his thumbs into his eyes. The focus of eyes is employed to depict people’s souls. Similarly, the eye symbol is used to depict the soul of Oedipus when refuses to believe that he killed King Laius.

The unicorns in the film symbolize Rachael who is a replicant among human beings. As such, the unicorns suggest that the relationship between Deckard and Gaff is strained. Gaff taunts Deckard who has fallen in love with Racheal. He thinks that Deckard is afraid of hunting replicants. The focus is on a unicorn rather than a chicken or elephant because a unicorn depicts something different. Unicorns are very different from houses. Likewise, the replicants are different from the ordinary human beings in the movie.

The fact that replicants have implanted childhood memories takes away their value. Notably, memories can affect one’s future behavior and personality. As such, since the replicants’ childhood memories are implanted, their values are false (Radwan n. p.). I am sure that my childhood memories are genuine since I have photographs that support them. Not all the replicants’ emotions and feelings are false. Some emotions and feelings are not based on their childhood memories hence they are real. Present events trigger such feelings and emotions. Nevertheless, the emotions and feelings that are based on their implanted memories are false.

The Voight-Kampff test works by provoking one’s emotional responses by being asked questions dealing with empathy. Afterward, the Voight-Kampff test was employed to determine whether one is replicant or human. Another test that could have been used to differentiate humans and replicants is the pain test. One could be subjected to pain and the degree of pain detected by a machine. Humans would feel more pain as compared to replicants since they have superhuman abilities. Even if there were no test to distinguish humans from replicants, it would not mean that replicants were fully human since they are advanced in the hat, they have superhuman strength (Scott n. p.). Therefore, this aspect would differentiate them from humans.

The replicants are monsters since they murder twenty-three humans in an off-world colony. However, Deckard feels differently. He does not believe that replicants are monsters since one of them saves his life while he was hunting them. As a result, he quits hunting replicants. I would not consider the four escaped replicants as monsters since they too like human are fighting for their life. Also, one of them saves a human life, an action that depicts that they are not monsters.

After watching the film, I do not think that Deckard is a replicant. If Deckard were a replicant, he would not have hunted his colleagues. Also, if he were a replicant, he would pose superhuman strength, similar to that of a replicant. However, this is not the case since replicants easily overpower him.

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