Rise in Air Temperature Worldwide

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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In order to understand climate change you need to understand the difference between weather and climate. Weather happens over a short period of time while climate happens over a longer period of time.The U.S. government should take aggressive steps to address climate change because it is there responsibility to keep us informed about air pollution,increase in storms,and water issues.

High levels of carbon monoxide are being released causing the ozone layer to take in less of the sun’s harmful U.

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V radiations and hold more heat. When air pollution is not checked it can worsen and cause chronic illnesses such as allergies,asthma,and cardiovascular disease.The result is that more Americans are suffering with incurable illness do to the government neglecting to inform and educate Americans. “Worldwide, pollutants in the air are reckoned to be responsible for between 6.5 and 10 million premature deaths annually.”(Doctors Weigh in on global warming,Healy) A little over half the deaths in the U.S. are credited to fossil fuel and arise found in traffic,power production,and industry.While Obama was in office he did a lot to help fight climate change such as providing subsidies to companies who developed clean energy sources,the clean power plan,the clean air act, and many more. Once Trump came into office he was quick to undo everything that Obama had set to help not only Americans but the planet as well.

The effects climate change has on the weather is that is it causing more category 4 and 5 hurricanes. “Warmer air holds more moisture. That moisture can be taken up by storms resulting in extreme rainfall events.” (Trump’s failure to Fight climate change is a crime against Humanity,Sachs) In August and September of 2017 three severe storms hit the United States area. Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and Louisiana. This left much of Houston,Texas and the surrounding areas underwater. “More than 80 people were killed by the storm, and thousands were displaced from their homes.”(Trump’s failure to Fight climate change is a crime against Humanity,Sachs) Then Hurricane Irma hit and caused problems among the Caribbean islands such as Barbuda,Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Island,and continued to hit Florida. Most of the areas that were still recovering from the devastation of Irma were hit by hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico was crushed by the storm causing the entire island to lose electricity.

As the water temperature rise and the Arctic ice melts the fish start to swim to the colder water.For example, halibut was located in the Bering Sea now they are moving northward where it costs more to fish and it takes longer to find them “ Twice this past fall, the Oracle sailed 800 miles north from the seaport of Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands, before finding the halibut that a decade ago lived several hundred miles closer to home.Each voyage took twice as long and yielded half as many fish.”(Warming Seas Send Waves Through U.S. Fishing,Hotz) Not only have halibut been moving but pollock and cod are doing the same thing. Higher water temperatures mean that there is less oxygen being absorbed in the water increasing fishes demand for oxygen in the fish. Also, warming waters favor predators and can drive off species that commercial fish feed on.

El Paso,Texas is one of the hottest cities in the country were on average 15 days of the year go over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the cities prime sources of water is the Rio Grande supplying them with half of their water needs. Climate change is making it difficult for the city to get clean water and is forcing the city to use treated sewage water as drinking water. “Increasing temperatures will make the dry region even more vulnerable to drought,according to the federal government’s most recent national climate assessment.Already challenged with balancing the demands of about 700,000 thirsty El Pasoans along with agriculture and industry needs, El Paso must also face the fact that climate change is literally drying up one of its major sources of water.”(El Paso to Drink Treated Sewage Water Due to Climate Change Drought,Kounang) 

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