How to Reduce Air Pollution

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The air pollution in Pima County; large quantity is due to internal combustion vehicles, residents have to adopt conservation habits to prevent the state of Arizona from implementing more regulations in the future.


Air pollution is a problem that many cities in the United States are currently dealing with. In the city of Tucson AZ, air pollution is a problem that is being controlled. It has been declared that automobiles are the dominant factor compared to other factors in terms of air pollution. In relation, in what grows a community also increases the amount of automobiles. Currently there are environmental regulations of the state that car owners must comply with so that their cars can continue to circulate through the streets of some counties in the state of Arizona. In most cases, complying with these regulations is not enough to control the pollution that most cars emit. There are also recommendations from municipal agencies that suggest ideas to reduce the usual use of the car.

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Air pollution in Pima County has been a concern in recent years; as the population of people who come from other countries or other cities in the United States grows and many of them arrive without knowledge of the problems that exist in the city of Tucson, and for which most of these foreigners are completely uninformed of the recommendations to be made in case of these problems. It has been determined that the increasing number of automobiles, estimated according to the growing number of the population, are the main propitiators of the pollution in the environment; although it has been implemented in some communities of this state the emission test program for every two years to the cars to be able to renew the ‘tags’; in most of the times the cars pass the test and many times before the course of two years, the cars fail in their emissions system and begin to pollute the environment until it is time for them to renew plates again and it is then

That problem is recognized, but for that and can take up to one year polluting. Some Tucson are not honest, and they cheat in those tests, for example; the ‘Check engine’ light goes on, it is often the catalytic converter that is failing, and it is expensive to replace the catalytic converter, but they do a ‘reset’ to the car’s computer and the mechanics know that they should run the car less than 20 miles but before that distance they have to go to be the ’emission test’ and surprisingly pass it, but after passing that test it turns on ‘Check engine’ and the car is contaminating again; the disadvantage of doing that trap is that the car will contaminate and at the same time reduce fuel efficiency and run the risk that the engine of the car will cause serious damages that are more expensive.

Also, the lack of periodic maintenance of a car, affects the performance of the car and therefore increases the emission of pollutants. A clear phenomenon of contamination in Tucson is when, the gases are concentrated and creates a sensation that seems to be cloudy, on the horizon towards the ‘Catalina’s Mountain’ during the mornings, but there are no clouds. There are some pollutants in the air that we do not see at a glance like they are: carbon monoxide (CO), Ozone, particulate matter and greenhouse gases. These are mostly harmful to the greeting and even fatal; the organization PAG (Pima Association of Governments) is an organization that is dedicated to studying development programs and they do their research.

And they have declared in this year that contamination levels have increased significantly; This type of contamination affects sensitive people, for example: people who suffer from a respiratory problem such as asthma or allergies are the most vulnerable and susceptible to having a complication in their health and with fatal consequences. Actualmet state laws and prohibitions have been made, in order to reduce the pollution of the environment, for example in the winter: the city of Tucson announces through the media that in certain days should not be lit chimneys by the high degree of air pollution.

There are also examples such as Mexico City, which is one of the most polluted cities in the world, is so much the conglomeration of population and vehicles that implemented programs such as ‘Hoy No Circula’ consists that your car depending on the termination of the number of your plate, you should not use it on a certain day of the week, otherwise you will be fined. Maybe we get to that extreme in the future, unless we make changes voluntarily without being mandatory standards by the government. You can start from today, changing our habits in the use of our vehicles as for example is recommended: make a route plan, reduce the use of the car, use alternative transports (walk, bike, bus or carpool).

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