Rights are a Fickle Thing

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Social rights are new, and completely different from the rights people had in mind at the signing of the declaration of independence. Back then rights meant freedom from government intrusion, freedom from taxation on everything you did, freedom to own land and have your say in that little patch of land you called your dominion. That freedom has evolved, and now rights are social laws, equal protection, making sure your neighbor is treated the same way you are. Now comes the conflict: churchgoing folk free to live their lives clash with a society that has progressed beyond their control. They thought their freedom to live their own lives would shield them from change, and differences in opinion. But that same freedom allowed people to overcome social barriers and feel safe in, for example, a gay relationship – something that has been around for thousands of years and only now is a legally protected status. All it took was a modern ruling of what freedom means today – showing your love without fear of discrimination by the governmemt. LGBT rights can easily be villainized for asking too much: upending centuries of man-woman relationship standards; promoting sexual behaviors with no historical guideline; challenging family ideals; upsetting the entire balance of gender roles in nearly every aspect of life – the list could go on. But there is a bottom line there: treat people with respect and if that changes something, then it’s the system in place that needs a second look, not the people it affects. My thoughts on LGBT rights are simple.

Anyone who identifies as part of the LGBT community deserves the same rights as everyone else. Frankly it shouldn’t matter if you’re gay, or bisexual, or a lesbian. Maybe you’re trans, or pan-sexual. Maybe your straight. Doesn’t matter! Now, I’ve heard the religion argument. That homosexuality and such is against the beliefs of whoever’s religion. That doesn’t matter either. Shouldn’t even be given a thought. Anyone who discriminates due to sexual orientation is pathetic. I don’t care if it’s because of your religion. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re religion is against the LGBT community, find a new religion.

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