Racism in the United States of America

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Racism is a common theme seen throughout history. Throughout history several groups of people have been affected by racism. Throughout history it hasn’t been just one group but many groups if not all have experienced it. In Contemporary Literature we explored topics of racism along with sexual assault.

We learned that Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior;and that throughout history there have been an assortment of groups that have experienced racism in one way or another.

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The main three groups affected are Japanese-Americans, African-Americans, and Jewish-American. Racism doesn’t only happen in America it happens worldwide, the attempt for “racial perfection” has caused several deaths and violent events everywhere from Europe to the Middle East.

The death toll must stop we Must finish the job that was started before our time ;we must stop Racism. Racism began because the hatred towards individuals that we, americans, brought into this country. So we, americans, must unite to fix this problem and get along.Racism is a ongoing issue of hate and we must end by overlooking the past and moving on and finally uniting as a country to love everyone.

African-Americans immigrated into America as slave beginning in 1619. African-Americans were looked at as not even human , They were looked at more like an animal compared to their white slave owners No Slaves had any freedoms and they had to do what their owner said or they would have to face an awful punishment of either being beaten or whipped. It wasn’t till December of 1865 that the creation of the Thirteenth Amendment abolorated slavery.

Years after the abolition of slavery , segregation was an ever-present issue facing African Americans that lasted all the way into the 1960’s. This could be a result of African Americans that weren’t allowed in the same place as white people. African-Americans had separate bathrooms, schools, taxi’s, seating at the theater, and the list goes on.Over the Blacks had freedom but yet racism, the racism deflated over years but still occured even if it wasn’t attended. As described in a interview with Beverly Tatum, Beverly states “ The white children are seeing themselves reflected in the schoolbooks, in the classroom teacher. My children are sometimes called names that white children don’t hear themselves being called”. This Passage just begin to show a silent form of racism, because a controlled group in a way took control of the whole area with no concern to others.

The leader in this case, the teacher, pritorized a individual group of children over another.This is racism at its finest. They did not want the blacks to be equal like them. Racism against the blacks was very big in the 1960’s the time when blacks were fighting for their equality. This is seen in today’s world like in the black lives matter movement. Another group of American citizens that were on the receiving end of racism were the Japanese-Americans during World War II. Japaneses people were taken from their homes and put into Internment Camps due to the color of their skin and their nationality. This was when America was at war with Japan in.

These people were Americans who were judged by the color of their skin apparently the Japanese people that were a different yellow the other Japanese or Asian Americans in the camp.went onto to tell how some Japanese were, taken from their homes and put in camps all across America, For example Japanese were placed in states like California, Utah and Arkansas until the end of the war in 1945. According Japanese started to feel the racism before they were put into camps. In some cases their farm labor refused to work for them because they were Japanese.

Japanese American go America did eventually realize that they were wrong and released all the Japanese-Americans in the internment camps back to the west coast. Assef was bad to the people that he captured; just like how America was cruel to the individuals that they placed in their camps. Assef and America were both cruel but separate, Assef appreciates the work of Adolf Hitler and America appreciated Freedom of speech, and right to do as we please.

It’s surprising to see the similarities between so similar events and not see any real progress from it .The Jewish citizens in Germany and throughout Europe probably didn’t fathom that one day that someone would try to kill and or torture each and every single one of them mainly because of their race.

African Americans and Asian Americans in America might have had to been treated in some awful conditions. The Jewish in Germany have received the worst, if not the worst treatment due to racism. In Europe, Jews had to wear a Star of David so people would know that they were Jews. They had to physically identify there races and or religion to everyone.They have to physically broadcast why they are different from the preferred “majority of the population”. Compared to other races that have to figure out that their different through their life experiences and comparisons between one individual to another.

We see this first hand in the video when I realized I was black. African American Citizens share details from their life when they realized what set them apart from everyone else. One saying …… this passage shows how racism can wreck one’s self esteem and moral strength. For no reason but just for hatred On the other hand over time Jewish people that lived in Germany started to feel the results of this hatred and racism; Because Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate a whole race.  

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