Professional Goal Statement

Being A critical care nurse practitioner, I will be a medical specialist who deals with treatment of patients with short-lived but severe episodes of illness, damage as a result of injuries, heart problems like heart attack and respiratory difficulties.

Acute care mainly consists of emergency medical interventions carried out in health centres. As an acute nurse practitioner, I will mostly be concerned with immediate diagnosis and treatment of urgent medical cases through an immediate process. Being one of these types of medical specialists I will also be involved in the assessment and supervision of patients getting well after surgery.

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Most of my work place rooms include” operating rooms, ambulatory surgery canters, specialist labs and home healthcare systems. My services are quite needed most of the rooms in health canters. Some of the diseases that I will normally be treating include trauma, cardiopulmonary, oncology nephrology, neurology and surgery.

The paper discusses the main professional goal statement to be achieved after studying this degree as follows ” My main goal after studying this degree programme is to be an outstanding acute nurse practitioner. For me to achieve this goal, I will ensure that I follow my teachers instructions. Do the practices in the same manner as prescribed by him. I will buy relevant books which have relevant information in every field. For instance, I will have relevant and enough materials that will clearly state the symptoms and treatment of diseases like trauma, Oncology, Cardiopulmonary cardiology and nephrology.

I will ensure that I acquire books that I can read and understand the procedures to be followed in performing the surgical operations. With this in addition to my tutors training, I hope to be the best and outstanding acute care nurse practitioner. I will also make sure that I attend all lectures including laboratory practices so as to be able to acquire all the required skills and knowledge in the field.

I will make sure that I keep time so that dont miss any of the content taught by my lecturer. After this I will always make sure that I revise everything that has been taught by lectures so as I understand well. My schools mission states that training students for the really world thus it aims at training students who can work from anywhere throughout the world. This boosts my goal of becoming an outstanding acute nurse practitioner as it aims at being the best in the whole world.

This mission will motivate me to achieve my goal because even the school itself is striving to outstand. Thus, it is capable of producing the best employees. For it to achieve this mission it has been able to put in place various measures which are significant for its success. For instance, the school has an equipped library with relevant revision materials to enable her students acquire quality results and do better in their exams so as to outstand.

The school has also enough teaching staff equipped with relevant skills and knowledge thus they are capable of delivering the relevant information to the students. To conclude, I will implement the above-mentioned measures for instance, I will attend lectures, do my teachers assignments, revise my work after every lecture, do several laboratory practices, follow my teachers instructions, and concur with the schools mission so as to achieve my goal of becoming an outstanding acute care nurse practitioner.`”

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