Child Abuse and Neglect and Negative Physical Health

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The topic of the research paper is the child abuse and neglect and negative physical health. Both of these topics are very important to look into and research. One reason would be to find out consequences, because the consequences of child abuse and neglect can be very extensive and may not only affect the victim’s mental health, like it is known to do, but also possibly their physical health which may often be overlooked because it can take longer to develop and as a result can be attributed to other factors and therefore are not attempted to be prevented, and not properly addressed.

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Some negative physical health consequences may be premature death, less happiness, and a lower quality of life.

Studies should be done to look into this, especially for its causes because bad physical health is usually difficult to treat and live with and it would be best to prevent it, but to do this we must know what contributes to and cause the problems so that we can address it before it takes root.

This (stated above) is exactly what the researchers here are trying to do. They suspect that abuse and neglect during infancy and childhood does in fact cause health problems. They aim to find out if children who are maltreated (sexually abused, physically abused and/or neglected) are at a higher risk to develop negative physical health implications later in life.

The results of their research could help people develop ways to prevent the health issues that are related to child abuse and neglect, to issue already effective/known preventative healthcare early on (before any problems have developed), and ultimately help the children themselves better their lives and future prospects. In their study the researchers were specifically asking the question are children at higher risk of physical health problems if they are maltreated, if so for what kinds of health problems.

Their method for this study is a matched pairs design, they followed a group of children (age rage from 0-11 years old) who were documented as abused and/or neglected (according to court cases) and matched them to children who were not abused or neglected and conducted health tests (the medical exams included blood testing and measured health outcomes) on both groups into adulthood.

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