The Professional Identity Nursing

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Updated: Mar 28, 2023
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The motivation to stay motivated A. Motivation is the one true key to success. It is widely regarded as a key word which highlights the importance of promoting productivity in an organization or a workplace. In 2009, a study conducted on the employees’ motivation in healthcare industry in the UAE has shown that work motivation plays a significant role in predicting the variance in performance. The study recommends that managers in the UAE healthcare sector need to find ways to motivate employees.

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In this respect, research has shown that one of the important roles of a team leader is said to be motivating the employees by creating interest.

However, studies indicate that many team leaders fail to motivate not only their employees, but also themselves. Hence the important question what are the most effective ways to motivate people? B. A good place to start is with yourself. After all, you cannot be a good leader if you are unable to motivate yourself. Recently, a colleague at a nursing management convention shared some interesting ideas on the topic. He talked about how it could be helpful to think about what your work meant and connect that to the effect it had on others. He suggested that we should get back to the roots of why we got into our chosen professions.

He added that if we considered the why’s of how we got here, this in itself would provide motivation from within ourselves. But can it really be that easy? C. Another considerable motivator is to seek out training opportunities that allow us to gain new knowledge. One efficient way to do this is by persuing education and having a life-long approach to learning. Learning is an extrinsic motivator that can increase employees’ confidence. Another opportunity that allows us to gain knowledge is by attending professional association meetings, such as the Emirati Nursing Association (ENA).

Attending such meetings allows team leaders to learn many skills such as teamwork, empowerment, supportive supervision, management and leadership, and planning, to name a few. These skills enable team leaders to tackle all possible problems at work. Seeing how others deal with similar issues to the ones we face, therefore, can be a real spark of inspiration. D. In addition, goal setting is a strategy that many find useful. If you are a leader and motivator, then focusing on setting goals can be very beneficial. When individuals set goals, they have definite missions to focus on. This can prevent them from getting side-tracked by unimportant tasks, especially if they are working as a part of a team whose members are all focused on achieving a particular objective.

In this respect, goals need to be easy to achieve as difficult goals can be discouraging and demotivating. For example, an over-ambitious leader might set a goal of getting 90% of a set of tasks done by lunchtime when the normal work rate is to get 50%. This would be a mistake and it would be better to set the completion rate at 55%. This new goal is achievable, and when your staff achieves this task, you can celebrate and congratulate them. This leaves your staff feeling satisfied and motivated to achieve more. E. To conclude, there is no one strategy that can make you a successful team leader and motivator. Nevertheless, knowing how to provide motivation from yourself, gaining new knowledge and building confidence, and learning how to set goals are important if you are willing to become a successful leader and motivator.

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