Professional Goals in Nursing Essay

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Professional Goals in Nursing Essay

This essay will outline professional goals in the field of nursing. It will discuss aspirations for career advancement, the desire to improve patient care, and the commitment to lifelong learning and professional development in nursing. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Nursing.

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Nursing is a dynamic profession driven by core values and motivations that shape nurses’ careers. Understanding the underlying factors that inspire and drive nursing professionals is crucial for achieving personal and professional growth in the field. This essay explores the topic of professional goals in nursing, highlighting the importance of holistic nursing, the choice of nursing as a career, the essence of nursing practice, beliefs and values in nursing, and a vision for the future.

Section 1: Motivated to Care: Holistic Nursing

Nursing professionals draw inspiration from mentors, such as Florence Nightingale, who have impacted the field.

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Building upon the values and beliefs that drive nursing care is essential for positively influencing the nursing profession. Individuals are empowered to enhance their health and general quality of life through holistic nursing, which takes a complete approach to patient care. Nurses can improve their professions and have a positive influence on the lives of the people they serve by adopting holistic nursing.

Section 2: Choice of Nursing

Personal experiences often shape career choices, and for many individuals, witnessing the dedication and compassion of nurses sparks a desire to pursue a nursing career. Growing up in a region where healthcare was limited, the author observed nurses’ selfless dedication and ability to maintain composure amidst the chaos. The passion for caring for others and helping them achieve better health outcomes motivated the author to choose nursing as a profession. The flexibility of nursing also allows for a balance between work and family life, making it a rewarding and fulfilling career choice.

Section 3: Essence of Nursing

Nursing is a multifaceted profession that revolves around compassionate patient care. Throughout history, influential figures like Florence Nightingale and Virginia Henderson have emphasized the importance of nursing as a substitute, helper, or partner in the patient’s journey to recovery. With advancing technology, nurses must understand that their professional role goes beyond machines, as they are crucial in nurturing patients with compassion and dignity. The American Nurses Association provides a platform for nurses to participate in the advancement of the profession and improve healthcare for the public.

Section 4: Beliefs and Values

Patients should be at the center of nursing practice, and understanding their vulnerability is key to providing exceptional care. Patients seek compassion, respect, and dignity as fundamental values in healthcare professionals. Acknowledging the patient’s support system and incorporating the patient’s family in their care is critical. Nurses should take a comprehensive approach to patient care, taking into account the impact of sickness on the patient’s development, health, and family. Communication and collaboration with other healthcare providers are critical for providing complete and coordinated treatment.

Section 5: Vision for the Future

The author’s professional goals for the next two years include skill enhancement and gaining confidence as a new nurse. Short-term ambitions include earning a bachelor’s degree and shifting to an intensive care unit. Long term, the author hopes to specialize as a midwife and use the knowledge and skills she has gained to improve maternity and child healthcare in Nigeria. The goal extends beyond personal achievement to training other nurses and making a lasting impact on the community.


Choosing nursing as a career is driven by personal experiences and a desire to provide compassionate care to others. Professional goals in nursing encompass attaining the core characteristics of a successful nurse, committing to lifelong learning, and engaging in ongoing community service. By embodying these goals, nurses can strive for excellence, advocate for their patients, and make a positive difference in the field of nursing. Overcoming challenges and maintaining a work-life balance are crucial aspects that can be achieved with the support of a strong network and determination.

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