Critical Thinking in Nursing

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Updated: Aug 17, 2022
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Critical Thinking in Nursing essay

Art and nursing are two different concept and it is use different in the world. When I chose this course as part of my requirement for my nursing degrees, I ask myself what art have to do with nursing. How will art help me take care a patient who is critical and fragile? Where does art fit in the bedside care of a patient? When I think of art, art is a form of creative and talent of individual who loves to express them self through their art. So, I ask myself, how can art show me how to express love, kindness and patience to my patient.Creative process can be to any individual as a taught, imagination or something that they are activity doing which create a beautiful and unique image.

Nursing process is a guide that is use in the nursing field that help nursing analysis a patient to determine treatment and care for short- and long-term care goals for that patients. There are five steps in nursing process. There are: 1) Assessment 2) Diagnosis 3) Planning 4) Implementation and 5) Evaluation. And the creative process there are also five creative process. There are: 1) Preparation 2) Incubation 3) Illumination 4) Evaluation and 5) Implementation. “The common thread uniting different types of nurses who work in varied areas is the nursing process—the essential core of practice for the registered nurse to deliver holistic, patient-focused care…An RN uses a systematic, dynamic way to collect and analyze data about a client, the first step in delivering nursing care” (Amercian Nurse Association, n.d.).

Both processes are so similar and can play a major role in the medical and nursing field. As nurses, our mind goes in a process which we sometimes can not explain. When nurses are in a situation, they use another form of creative process, which is nursing judgement, critical thinking and nursing process to help individual in their care process. When looking at any artwork, we observe, study and analysis the work to understand what the artist is thinking and what message he or she is sending. “Gazing at art can help future doctors and nurses hone observation skills and avoid bias, finds new research. ‘Observation is key to diagnosis, and art can teach students to slow down and really look,’ said a bioethicist and medical anthropologist who is a co-author of the study. ‘Art is a powerful tool for teaching, and this program helped nurses and doctors become more adept at observation and encouraged them to move away from making assumptions” (Science Daily, 2015).

As an oncology nurse, I attend to be in situation where I have to make decision and judgement base what was taught to me in nursing school. I applied critical thinking and decision as a nurse to provide effective care to patients by applying nurse process.The similarity is with both processes are there and it serve a purpose in the healing process of an individual. Just as any situation, nursing process and creative process are different and use different in today’s world. When applying the nursing process in the nurse profession is very critical. Nursing process help a clear understanding of patient’s illness and care in nursing profession. This taught process is critical thinking and analysis the problem and situation of an individual who under the care of you. When using creative process, it helps nurses to be patient and analysis the situation before passing a quick response, judgement and action.

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