Over One Hundred Million Animals a Year are Murdered for the Sake of Science

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Experimentations on animals do not just include dogs and cats, but animals like hamsters, monkeys, birds, and frogs (PETA). Many of the testing is used for companies that sell cosmetics and hygiene products. Chapstick, Lauder, Head & Shoulders, and L’Oreal are just some of the companies that continue to test on animals today. Everyday products that are stored away inside cabinets or in showers could have easily been tested on an animal. Animal testing is wrong, because it is noxious to the animals, bad science, and unethical.

When humans endure pain, they may yell, scream, cry, or even curse out loud. It is an unpleasant feeling that makes humans react strongly physically and emotionally. The same thing goes for animals. For example, when dogs sense pain, they yelp or cry. Rabbits’ breathing becomes more rapid. Monkeys shakes their heads and pace around (NCBI). The difference between human pain and animal pain is that humans can verbally say that they are in pain and get help. Animals cannot speak out and suffer in silence. They rely on humans to recognize that they are in need of attention. When animals are tested in laboratories, they have no one to notice and help alleviate their pain, because humans are the ones inflicting the pain to them. The animals have no choice or voice to being used for testing and research just to make sure a product is safe for humans.

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According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, laboratories rarely ever use pain relievers or anesthesia to help ease the pain for animals. The laboratories have the animals fully conscious and awake, knowing they are alone and scared. Companies that continue using animals for testing do not care for the treatment that they encounter. As long as the revenue continues to rise in the company, everyone turns the other way. There are countless pictures and videos that continue to prove the torment that these laboratories give to these animals. Pictures of mice eyes red and swollen shut or cats with patches of fur completely burned off their bodies. Living in complete solitude every single day, not knowing if there will be another day is the life that these animals have to take. Animals are meant to be cared for and loved, not used and abused. They have no sense of right or wrong, because they are innocent. Companies who test on animals are the real monsters and they are the ones that scare animals so bad, that they can never be happy.

Animals have been tested on for numerous reasons for decades. Technology has come so far in advance, yet animal testing and experimentation is still around. Testing of animals is not needed for companies and that has been proven. There are alternatives to animal testing such as using computer models and simulations, robotics, microdosing, and stem cell testing methods (NEAVS). Animal testing is not as practical for humans, simply because they are not humans and do not have all the same characteristics that humans have. Their skin and eyes are different than humans between shape, size, and complexity. Having scientific testing done with different methods not involving animals is also more accurate. If a laboratory uses test methods based on human cell and tissue or donated parts of a human, then they will know how the test will work on humans. The cost of animal testing tends to be twice the amount than testing on scientific methods. A sister chromatid exchange is a type of toxicity and for an animal to be tested, it would cost around twenty-two thousand dollars, where as using robotics for the test would be around eight thousand dollars (Humane Society). Animal testing is more expensive than other methods of testing and pointless due to animals’ bodies being built differently than humans.

People love to say that they have rights and want their rights to be protected. The thing is, animals have rights as well, yet laboratories and the companies using them take away their rights. The animals do not voluntarily go into laboratories and want to become test subjects for the sake of products for humans. What people fail to realize is the permanent damage that these animals have after the testing. That is if they survive. These companies take away these animals’ rights and decide their destiny. They do not consider the animals well-being or health.

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