Occured in Civil War

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Out of everything that occured in Civil War, we wonder what started it all. Three things that really interfered were slavery, the president election, and the senate’s. Before the war started North and South had many disagreements and slavery was a big one. The North felt that all races should be treated the same, but the South strongly disagreed.

In 1861 slavery was a big deal in the South. The South knew that having slaves would benefit them and make business.

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The southern states wanted to keep slavery so that the slaves could work on their plantations so their owners could make a business. Slaves would clean, work on the farm, and cook all for free. This would give the owners a lot of money, so they would buy more slaves and make a bigger profit. On other hand, the North hated the idea, they felt it was cruel and rude. Even though it would give them more money, they did not need slaves because they did trade. This soon started conflict between the 2, but it was just the beginning.

Soon after, when Abraham Lincoln went into the presidential election to become president it got worse. He told the North and South that he would not act against slavery, so he could lead them both. South did not listen to him, and when he won the election they immediately left the Union. Once Lincoln was elected into office, the south said that they wouldn’t have him leading them. This soon became a huge problem! The South then got a new president named Jefferson Davis. Now that Abraham was leading the North, he made the decision to abolish slavery as much as possible. This created a huge impact on both sides and the biggest influence on the war.

One thing that really made the South furious, was the Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This had been a novel, written by a women named Harriet Beecher Stowe. She wrote this book to show slavery was evil and that Fugitive Slave Law was unjust. She knew people in the South constantly bought slaves to build up their business. She talked about how cruel it was and that they should make a difference, this touched many hearts. The book was so great that Mr. Webbs read it to an audience of 1300 people. They listened and learned how terrible it was, so a lot of people decided that would help free slave and vote against it.

North had more resources, a bigger population, railroads, and many others but South did not. Even though they were apart of the Union, they never felt like they had a say in anything. So they depended on slave, and the North would talk about how terrible it was , but that was how they lived. The South thus quickly established a rural way of life supported by agricultural economy based on slave labor. Once everyone turned on them the felt unwelcome and overwhelmed, so they took matters into their own hands. Leaving the Union was their way of showing that they were strong and had there own beliefs. Then came war.

South was also scared because North would have the majority of senate. This is because the North was way bigger than the South so they thought they should have more senates. Since the North had more people they thought that they should have more people in the senate. The South disagreed with that. South soon became very angry and thought it was pretty unfair to do this. They wanted more control but felt overpowered.

In the end, slavery, the election for president, and senate all created an impact of the war. South was pressured into leaving the Union because they did not work the same way as the North, but that is no reason for war. Even though this was in 1861, we can still learn a lot from it today.

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