Hitler was Influential, Determined, and Strategic

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Hitler was Influential, Determined, and Strategic

This essay will discuss Adolf Hitler’s influence, determination, and strategic acumen, which played a significant role in his rise to power. It will examine his leadership style, propaganda tactics, and the impact of his decisions on World War II and global history. The piece will critically assess these qualities in the context of their destructive consequences. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Adolf Hitler.

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Adolf Hitler is infamous for starting World War II and the Holocaust. Despite his bad deeds, he was a strong leader. Hitler was born in Austria, but he felt very patriotic towards Germany. When Germany surrendered during World War I, Hitler blamed the socialists, communists, and Jews. He would go on to kill about six million Jews in the genocide known as the Holocaust. France and Britain declared war on Germany in 1939. Hitler joined forces with Benito Mussolini, who was the dictator of Italy at the time, and the Japanese to form the Axis Powers.

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The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, which forced the United States to declare war. In 1943, Italy surrendered and joined the Allies. Hitler had tried to invade Russia after he had signed a nonaggression pact with Stalin, but the USSR was able to fight back and push the Germans back to Berlin. Germany would end up losing the war and Hitler committed suicide in 1945 (“World War Two Timeline, Historyonthenet.com, www.historyonthenet.com). Even though he is one of the most controversial figures in history, Hitler was still a strong leader because he was influential, determined, and strategic. One reason why Hitler was a good leader was that he was influential, a lot has been written about this in the Adolf Hitler essay. To be influential means to have the ability to persuade and motivate people to support an idea. In 1921 he became the leader of the Nazi party and was able to persuade people to join the Nazis (“Adolf Hitler, Biography, www.biography.com). He gave thousands of speeches that he wrote himself (Macias, “Why Hitler was such a successful orator, Business Insider, www.businessinsider.com). Many people in Germany were upset because they had lost World War I and had been unemployed during the Great Depression. As more people began to dislike the German government, Hitler gained popularity. Hitler eventually gained enough popularity and political power to take the position of F??hrer (Bullock et al. “Adolf Hitler, Encyclopedia Britannica, www.britannica.com). This proves that Hitler was influential because he was able to persuade people to support him by exploiting their frustration and convincing them that he could make a change. A good leader should be influential because they need to be able to have some control over the people. Leaders should be able to motivate and inspire others. Hitler was able to influence others to do things that he believed was right. By giving so many speeches, he was able to directly impact the people listening to him. Hitler’s influence was so strong that he was able to get other people to terrible things, such as kill millions of Jews because he believed it was right. These examples show how Hitler was able to be a good leader by being influential.

Another reason why Hitler was a strong leader was that he was determined. Determination means to have the perseverance to not give up when faced with a difficult situation. Hitler used to be homeless in his early life. He would make money by painting advertisements and postcards. During World War I, he was injured twice, but was still willing to fight for his country even if it meant that he would have to risk his life. After serving in the German military, he became very patriotic. He later joined the Nazi party and replaced the party chairman within two years. He would later become chancellor of Germany, and then F??hrer (Bullock et al. “Adolf Hitler, Encyclopedia Britannica, www.britannica.com). This shows that Hitler was determined because he used to be a homeless person and ended up as the leader of Germany. When Germany surrendered in 1918, he still wanted to fight. Hitler’s love for his country and hatred of his enemies may have given him the motivation to take control of Germany. This motivation allowed him to be able to fight a war on two fronts against some of the world’s strongest countries. Leaders should have determination because if they give up easily, the people following them will also give up. By having determination, a person can accomplish difficult tasks. According to these examples, Hitler was very determined to be Germany’s leader.

Finally, Hitler was a good leader because he was strategic. During World War II, he had to be able to make tactical decisions and plan out his military campaigns. For example, the Germans used a war tactic in World War II called Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg is the German term for “lightning war and is a military tactic that uses concentrated firepower in a small area (“Blitzkrieg, History, www.history.com). Hitler used this method of warfare to quickly take over a large part of Europe including Poland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Greece, Norway, and several other countries. He also was able to surround the Allies at Dunkirk (“World War Two Timeline, Historyonthenet.com, www.historyonthenet.com). This proves that Hitler was strategic because he used a war tactic that would result in a quick victory and reduce the number of casualties among his soldiers. He has also had experience as a soldier during World War I. Being strategic is a critical trait for a leader to have especially if they are in control of the country’s military forces. If they are smarter than their enemies, they can win battles much easier. Hitler was able to demonstrate good military leadership by being able to conquer most of Europe. He quickly invaded neighboring countries by attacking them with heavy firepower and artillery. By looking at these examples, Hitler can be seen as a strategic leader.

In conclusion, Adolf Hitler was a good leader because he was influential, determined, and strategic. He was influential because he was able to persuade and motivate people to join the Nazi party by giving speeches. He demonstrated determination by starting off as a poor man, then slowly gaining power until he was the leader of Germany. He showed that he was strategic by using the Blitzkrieg war tactic to quickly conquer a large portion of Europe. These are good traits to have because a leader needs to be able to influence the people that they are leading. They also need to be determined to achieve their goals. Being strategic is an essential leadership trait to have during a war because a good strategy can help to win battles and reduce casualties. Adolf Hitler has made a massive impact on history and will most likely never be forgotten. While he may not have been a good person, he played an enormous role in shaping the modern world. For these reasons, Hitler should be known as a good leader.

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