The Civil War was the Deadliest

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The Civil War was the deadliest and most brutal war ever fought. How did everything stir up between the states in the first place? Southerners had an Agricultural economy and mainly focused on the way they lived their lives to make profit for their well being; this included slaves for more hands to get more work done in less time. On the opposite side of things the northerners had an Industrial economy and wanted to abolish slavery. The north and south’s opposite opinions on how the governments should share power regarding to states rights caused arguments between the sides and when the war comes to and end, it will effect the history of the United States forever.

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During the Civil War, the north states and the south states had completely different thoughts on everything going on. The southerners were wrapped in slaves because their economy was agricultural. They focused on managing crops and their goal was to get more work done in less time. To accomplish this they thought they needed slaves to do their work for them. The south also felt like the United States government was trying to take away the way they live their life and force them to be like all the other states. The south didn’t want to be like all the other states. The Northerners were trying to abolish slavery because they didn’t need them with their everyday lively hood. The northern people might have thought that having slaves was cruel to the people that were slaves. The northerners industrial economy focused on getting goods, clothes, and shoes to help the north to be victorious throughout war. They felt like the south was trying to break up America and change the United States identity.

There were many issues during this time with sectionalism, states rights, and slavery. The south was trying to section there self off and not bother with what Abraham Lincoln had to say about the slaves. They felt like the north was trying to take their states rights from them, and make the southern states all the same. South wanted to have there own thing going on and keep there working slaves. Abraham Lincoln banned slavery and 7 southern states tried to get away with keeping slaves.

The north didn’t bother with slaves because they didn’t really need them with their economy that they are in. It caused the northern states to get angry and try to force south to abolish there slaves. When the southerners finally came true and declared they were trying to secede from the union it caused the first shots to fire at Fort Sumter.
In the end, of all this mess, the North wins the war and it causes the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment to be made. These amendments abolish slavery and provide equality for all the

people no matter what their skin color is. United States comes together as a whole and becomes a industrial economy. They now focus on growing crops, getting goods, and stuff to get to fight on any incoming wars. They do it on their own and not using slaves to do the all the work. The government is much stronger and everyone follows rules and no states secede from each other.

In conclusion, the civil war had many differences between the two sides. South wanted slaves and to leave the United States while the North wanted to be a whole and abolish slaves. The south caused a lot of problems and it was only a couple states that caused them. States rights, slavery, and sectionalism was the biggest cause of the civil war. At the end of the war, amendments were made so slavery could be abolished, and for everyone to have the same rights even if you have different color skin. As you can see this war affected the world while it was happening and it affected how the world is today.

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