Nathaniel Hawthorne and Romantic Period

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Nathaniel Hawthorne is considered one of the best authors of his time. He is most known for is non-common opinions and his challenging of the American culture. He lived during the Romantic period, of which influenced his writing greatly. His works contain elements of those found in realism, romanticism, and Victorianism. He wrote many “tales” as he called them, between 1860 and 1870. Hawthorne found himself entangled between a revolution and the edge of the civil war. Hawthorne’s work is known for being very dark and disturbing, while challenging American society. His work is widely considered as having a strong feel of romanticism, dark romanticism to be exact. Hawthorne was an extreme introvert, staying at home mostly after graduating from college. During these years, Hawthorne learned his art of story writing, and sketching; those of which ae still unique to Hawthorne. “The Hathornes (Nathaniel added the “w” to the name) had been involved in religious persecution (intense harassment) with their first American ancestor, William.

Another ancestor, John Hathorne, was one of the three judges at the seventeenth-century Salem witchcraft trials, where dozens of people were accused of, and later executed for, being witches” (Miller, 1991). When Hawthorne first published his stories, he published them anonymously. When Hawthorne started writing novels in185o he then used his name instead of publishing them anonymously. Hawthorne used his writing to challenge the American society with dark stories. Romanticism, more so dark romanticism, is something that one finds in almost all of Hawthorne’s tales. Romanticism and dark romanticism both stem from the romantic period, that off which Hawthorne was alive during.” Following the Age of Enlightenment and in the midst of scientific and industrial revolutions, a rational view of the world had become commonplace, and as the economy shifted from agricultural to industrial, there was less attention paid to the individual” (Palladino, p. 2, 2010) The romantic period was filled with art, music and literature. It went on in the 18th century, but it peaked from 1800 to 1850. During the romantic period Hawthorne go his inspiration and stuck with the writing style for the rest of his pieces of literature. Young Goodman Brown is a piece of literature from Nathanial Hawthorne the shocked his audiences. Its about a young man who goes on a trip into the woods. While he is there, he discovers that many of the people that he knows and looks up to are in some way affiliated with Satan. Nathanial Hawthorne then goes even further to explain and draw out the devil worshiping service, one of which he connects to a church sermon. Hawthorne uses his experiences with romanticism to help show the struggle that Goodman Brown is facing in his fight between good and evil. Hawthorne also uses romanticism to show Goodman Brown’s intuition throughout the story.

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