Michelangelo is an Artist from the Renaissance

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Michelangelo is one of many artists that is from the Renaissance. He was very fortunate to have a family that was to a small part nobility. But after the birth of Michelangelo in 1452 on March 6th in Caprese,Italy and even a bit before that his father only worked small government jobs which lead to them losing a lot of nobility. Many years later at the age of six he lost his mother to a long term illness. Some 4 years later after losing his mother his father remarried and they moved to Florence.

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One interesting thing about his childhood is that his father put him with a nanny and since the nanny’s husband was a stonecutter that’s where Michelangelo learned how to begin to cut stone, a quote from this event is “ With my wet-nurses milk, I sucked in the hammer and chisels I use for my statutes”(biography.com/people). After a couple years of being in school and not doing to well.

A quote from him not staying in school is “…his mind was on art,not on his studies” (Britannica). Soon afterwards he went to go be an apprentice for a well known Florentine painter Domenico Ghirlandaio but a year later he went to be an apprentice for Lorenzo de’Medici. Lorenzo might have been the one to show him some Greek and Roman art he had in his collection. During his teenage years Michelangelo made two of his first sculptures which are the Madonna of the Stairs and Battle of the Centaurs. He also studied human anatomy and made drawings of the human form. Shortly after the death of Lorenzo he left for Bologna to continue his art.

One achievement that he accomplished in his time in Bologna he completed one of his well known statues Pieta. MIchelangelo was asked to make this by Bilheres de Lagraules a representative of the pope and the current french king at the time. He made this statue out of one huge block of marble meaning this might have made it harder to make two figures out of it. The year they asked him to make it was 1498 and amazingly he completed it in the span of a couple months. After the completion of the statue many people might of described it as beautiful to the human eye a quote that could prove this is “…the fluidity of the fabric,position of the subjects, and “movements” of skin of the Pieta meaning “pity” or”compassion”(Britannica or Statue.com)”. Still after many years and many times of moving it from place to place it seems to be in great condition. After sculpting the Pieta he continued to sculpt, paint, and design many years later.

But, sadly at the old age of 88 Michelangelo died in Rome,Italy of an illness, although he died he left an amazing legacy behind. That legacy is full of humanist art and his life that he lived in his 88 years of living. Soon after his death was announced to the public he was called “Father and master all arts”(Britannica). One impact he left on the world of art is how he showed realism and human anatomy in his sculptures and paintings , he made it look amazing. Another thing that he showed to the world of art is how beautiful and delicate you can make a statue out of a block of marble. The lasting effect that he might have left on people is that art can look as human like that you want it to. Although his life was mostly spent making art in any form he had a fairly good life from start to finish.

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