Martin Luther King Jr.: Respected and Loved Black Male

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Martin Luther King Jr. made great improvement in the civil rights movement. He was a well known church minister, loving father and husband, as well as very educated middle aged man. By examining and researching Martin Luther King Jr’s life and progress on the civil movements, one can get a greater understanding of his life and personal endurance.

King has two siblings, Alfred Daniel, and Willie Christine. Willie is the oldest child and the only sister to King, she is still alive and well.

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Alfred Daniel Williams King is the last bord of the three, he was a reverend, now deceased (Preston 12). Kings parents got married on Thanksgiving day in the year of 1926. Once Kings Grandpa passed away after twenty five years of ministering his father became the new minister of the church Baptist Church (Preston 11). King married his wife Coretta in June 1953, by Daddy King (Garrow 48).

King was a very well educated man, he attended Booker T. Washington High School. King went to Morehouse College, where his father graduated from, not yet sixting and being of the youngest students admitted. He graduated from Morehouse by junior year, holding a degree by nineteen his father hadn’t earned till thirty. Martin ended his studies at Seminary Theological, head of his class in the year of 1951. They granted him with $1200 to let him continue his studies at any university of his choosing. In August of 1953, King completed the needed requirements for his Ph.D. degree (Preston).

Why We Can’t Wait, a book written by King, published in 1964. April 1967 King became co-chair man of Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam (national peace) (Preston 140). Albany 1961-1962 Robert Kennedy and his assistants had to warn King about Levison and O’Dell, because the theatres on King were increasing and getting more serious. May 12, 1963, Birmingham, Kings house was bombed. The bommer has not yet been identified. His wife and daughter were in the house, fortunately no major damage was done to his family. In the year 1955-1956 king also wrote a book about the bus boycott, while autographing one of the books he felt a sharp pain in his chest area. A woman had stabbed him with a letter opener in the chest. He was then rushed to Harlem Hospital (King, Jr. Why We Can’t Wait). King did many great things for this world but following that many people disagreed with his beliefs. He has had many threats and challenges that he was worked though.

King did many incredible things for the civil rights movement, for example, King led the first non-violence resistance at 28 years old (King Jr. Stride Toward freedom 150). February 1, King led a march and got arrested. Martin got charged with parading without a permit. Many others were arrested that day as well (Preston 129). By March 1956, Jude Carter convicted King Case No.7399. After this in August 28, 1963, King gave his famous speech “”I have a dream, in Washington D.C ( King, Jr. Why We Can’t Wait 64).

King was assassinated April 4, 1968. Kings funeral was held at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta April 9, 1968. More than 150,00 mourners walked behind the wagon. That was the largest private funeral in the United States. King was buried in the South View Cemetery. On his gravestone, carved was an old slave song lyrics.

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