Letter for Mrs Jobs

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“Dear Mrs. Jobs:

Thank you for your recent purchase created with Apple. It’s a pleasure having you as our client as your expertise is incredibly necessary to our company. Your refund request has been received and that we apologized that the iPad Pro purchased didn’t meet your desires. Apple includes a firm return policy on its merchandise that state that they must be came back solely among fourteen days when purchase. Additionally, the iPad pros are one of amongst Apple’s merchandise that area unit ineligible for returns because of their delicate internal design. In one of your recent letters, you provided Apple with couple photos and it seems as if the iPad is cracked. Destruction of Apple products items even have a strict come policy, however Apple will have associates in their genius bar a knowledgeable team that may fix it for a reasonable value.

Unfortunately for those goals, your refund request couldn’t be granted. We have a tendency to perceive that this was a pricey purchase, that you simply don’t just like the iPad which it had been ineffectual to satisfy your desires. Although we cannot accompany your needs, we greatly apologetic for the inconvenience. The Geek team among Apple would be a good supply to show you a great many ways in which to form the iPad helpful to you. We anticipate that your future apple merchandise purchase can meet your necessities. Although we cannot take back the iPad Pro that you simply bought nor exchange it for one more product, we are able to give you a 100-dollar gift card that may be applied on your next apple product purchase among the Apple Store. We can offer you this discount if you choose to reply within the next seven days.

Apple would like to give many thanks for being one amongst our customers. I hope that I was beneficial in assisting you and answer any request that you simply might have had. I will assist you with anything you may ask and please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions.


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