Teaching is my Dream Job

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Teaching is my Dream Job

Highlight why teaching is a dream job for many. This essay will explore the joys and challenges of being an educator, the impact teachers have on their students’ lives, and the personal satisfaction derived from this profession. It will also discuss the qualities and qualifications required to become a successful teacher. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Human Nature.

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When I was younger, I never quiet knew what I wanted to be. When I graduated high school, I still didn’t have a clue, but when I got my first real job working with an after-school program that’s when it clicked. I wanted to teach, not just teach anything but everything with elementary students. I love being in charge of a group of students, impacting their lives with knowledge and teaching them everyday manners. During last summer I was able to work for the summer program it helped me to grow my love for teaching.

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My personal goal for my classroom is to encounter students with problems to overcome and to watch them grow in the education. I want my students to learn to work together as a group and help each other stand out in their own unique ways. Thus, when students are working together in their groups it will help them to recognize leadership skills and to be generous. This will help each student to think of others, so our classroom can become an atmosphere where every student enjoys coming and learn.

In my classroom, students should be allowed to express their interests freely, where they will not be judge for their personal creativity. Students should be able to learn from what they like to what they dislike and also to find out what their strong points are and even their weaknesses. My classroom will be able to grow from what they learn about themselves and widen their love for something.

Students will have the opportunity to create things from my straightforward directions but will also give students room to expand their creativity in their projects and assignments. During the beginning of our year I will first lead the discussion and have students follow and ask questions when they become confused about something. As we move through the year, I will have students speak up more and lead discussion and have students ask their classmates. This will be beneficial to the students and open their minds to complex situations. Another thing that will help benefit the class is to work together on group projects giving everyone a task instead of one person doing everything or one person not doing their part in the project. Since I have become and educator, my goals is to help students when they need it, but to always push them to help others and lean on each other when one is struggling.

Also, another thing that I find important in the classroom is classroom organization. Having the classroom organized is the most important part, because no one can learn in a messy class. This will not help anyone grow in their learning or to teach students how to keep an organized work space. It will be good to always find different ways to set up the classroom. It is also important to teach my students material that is purposeful, useful, and engaging to students. While teaching students the lesson it is key to always have an uplifting attitude toward it and when you walk into the classroom, because students will feed off of it and be interested in being present at school.

As a future teacher, it is always important to remember to enjoy students and all that they bring into the classroom. Sometimes it can be tough, but not everyone has a good day. If problems occur there are always ways to overcome them. No matter what, the good and the bad day s their will always be a lesson to learn from each of them.

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